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Once again SLOOOOOOOW page loading

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  • Once again SLOOOOOOOW page loading

    After being down for 2 or 3 days, once again this site is Slooooowwwww loading pages. It is question of minutes instead of seconds.

    I remember this before several weeks ago. Really discourages a person from using the site. You have to open another tab and do something else while a page is loading.

    Also, once again, it seems to stop reading something about ads in the bottom left corner. I'm no expert and could be wrong about this.
    Vitَria, Brazil

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    no whining allowed. george explained it very well. suck it up and be patient or not !


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      I'm sorry, I didn't see what George posted.

      Where could I read about this?
      Vitَria, Brazil


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        number 1 sticky in the "general" section of the forum


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          talk talk talk I love dial up

          It is the new thing be slow grasshopper life is too fast; What I do boil some water make a good French press coffee open a other window and go to ebay


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            Relax & rejoice that it's loading at all.
            A couple more days without, & I was about to up my meds.


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              yes VERY sloooooooooow......


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                Edit: Just read the sticky, still sucks though.

                Wonder if the forum host is aware of the fact that they are actually loosing revenue from getting adverisments exposed to fewer people since the slowness makes more people not bother with the forum and go somewhere else.

                That has at least been the case with me and this used to be the first machine forum I checked every day.
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