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    I have some 1/4" rods, is there a way of putting wood threads on them? Thanks Paul

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    What type of wood, what type of threads. I have a wood threader for broom ends. There are wood dies for many sizes and types sold by Woodworkers warehouse.

    On another note, I have put unified threads on wood dowels by using soap as a cutting "fluid", or also "Edge Lube". Very little turn on with the die, then break, then turn on more - 1/8 turns. New dies. Problem with edge lube, if you do a "finish" on the wood, it will not take over the oil.

    I have also turned on threads on a lathe, very small cuts, very sharp tool, no end nose rad on the thread tool (push and chipping), pos. rake. .001 to .002 depth each cut - near the end, less. Turning the thread worked better than dies, and used no cutting "fluid" (or solid). Takes time to turn the thread, but works well. Have done this on birch dowels, and on turned maple, cherry, and mahogony. Have done this manual and CNC.

    Try woodworkers warehouse for dies. I have seen them there.


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      Lee Valley Tools sell the wood threading tools as well.


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        You can thread your wooden rods with your metal lathe by mounting a die grinder in the tool post and running a 1/4" 60 degree router bit. You can chase the thread in just one pass but you must turn the spindle very slowly. I usually pull it through by hand with a crank I made for that purpose. Also your rod must be about .020 undersize since wood won't support sharp thread crests. Standard taps will work well for the hole. I have made wooden threads down to #3-50.