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Air line lubricator overdose!

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  • Air line lubricator overdose!

    Installed this (Norgren) regulator/lubricator on my mill and tried to adjust it per the manual but it's not cooperating. Specs say to adjust the little red disk on top of the window to get 1 drop of oil for every 5 cycles. I have it turned all the way down to it's lowest setting, but I get a stream of oil running through it every time I tap the air instead of a single drop.

    Any thoughts on how to slow this thing down?

    Specs for the operating air pressure is 80-90 psi. I've got the regulator set at 80.

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    Are you sure it has to turned down to have smaller output?
    Amount of experience is in direct proportion to the value of broken equipment.


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      Got this from the Kurt website. The drawbar I bought from them came with no instructions what so ever.

      Prior to installation make sure that:
      Power source to machine has been turned off and locked.
      Quill or Spindle is fully retracted and locked
      Review Bill of Material to make sure you are not missing any parts.
      Air supply to machine is at least 90 PSI and free of moisture in line.


      10. Mount the “FRL”(filter/regulator/lubricator) and tool (IN/OUT safety block is only on automatic models). In most cases this
      would be on the left-hand side of machine; however you may mount it on the most convenient place for the operator. Hook
      up air lines from switch to motor and from “FRL” as required.

      11. Fill the oil sight glass on “FRL” with the air tool oil provided with your kit. Always use air tool oil only.

      12. The collet drive pin in R-8 spindle or drive keys on 30 and 40 taper spindles must be in place. This prevents the tool from
      turning during the “IN” and “OUT” operation.

      13. Before hooking up the air supply to the machine, make sure it is free of condensation. Also, make sure the air supply to the
      machine is at 90-PSI. At tool change the air pressure must stay at 80-PSI or above.

      14. Connect “FRL” to air supply and turn up to no less that 90-PSI on gage. Open oil supply if it is not already set at max. (One
      full turn is fully open and one turn back to close). Run IN/OUT buttons until you see oil mist in the motor exhaust and then
      close. Cycle unit several times and then slowly open until you have one drop per 5 to 10 cycles. Note: One cycle is equal to
      tool in and out one time.

      15. When the Power Drawbar is functioning properly, replace the cover onto air motor assembly with the three button head cap
      screws. You are now ready to run.

      16. Turn main power back on the machine.


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        I had a cheapo oiler from Princess Auto back when I did my PDB install. The oiler was dumping too much oil as well. I had taken it back, they are 5 mins from me. The guy said its the needle and seat assembly, and the needle is to far off the seat. I dont know for sure how accurate the guy was. I said to him, well whats the fix then? He walked over to the shelf, and handed me a new one. By the sounds of what he was saying, it was like a air screw on a carb. He told me many of that shipment did the same thing. He said this new one might do the same, just bring it back, and they will give me another. The second oiler worked fine.

        In your case you might just take it apart, have a look , you probably can figure it out on your own.


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          Hey Paul, how's it going?

          Yeah, well this thing has been sitting in the box for 3 years and I just now got around to installing it. I don't think Kurt would be to hip on taking it back now.

          Actually I was snooping around on the Norgren web site the other day looking for clues, without any luck. A couple of hours later I got a surprise email from one of their reps.

          Subject: Norgren


          I had your information forwarded to me and I see that you were on our website looking for some information. I am following up with you to ensure you found what you were looking for. If not, then please let me know and I will help you with your request. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

          Nathan Cutsforth | Sales Rep Norgren Express | Norgren Americas | 5400 S. Delaware St. | Littleton, CO USA 80120
          Office: 720.283.5549 | Fax: 303.798.4856
 | [email protected]
          I told him what was going on in a reply to his email. Still waiting for a response...

          If I don't hear back from him, I guess I'll try to make up a smaller pick-up tube, and "lean it out" a bit.