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  • o/t company in the workshop

    Hi guys,
    today was not a very good day, in fact a fairly miserable day, I lost my workshop companion, it will be a bit lonely in the shop now in fact even worse, he was my supervisor, He was not a human, only an old cat, But he was a nice wee guy I had him around me for sixteen years at least, so that was not a bad life span, Although the last few months he went downhill, and the vet said, today, it was better to end his suffering

    One thing about him being a shop companion, was the fact i could talk away to him, and it was another being in the place, and something homely in the corner

    sometimes i think that members of the animal kingdom could teach the human species a lot if our kind was not as big headed as we are.

    some of these humans i have come across, one would not want as shop companions, One came in to my shop some years back, and i was showing him with some pride a workpiece i had spent some considerable time on working to really tight tolerances, and for my effort, i got a haughty retort " Iwould not waste my time making something like that" Then he stumped out never to return-- Strange behavior
    this was after over a period of some years helping the said person out with free gifts of tools etc, However everyone doesnt behave like that 99% of the shop visitors i get are really nice guys

    However everything in balance It would be a real trauma, if my loss was human (such as the loss felt by the parents of the young student) Certainly i feel grief bad enough losing my buddy the cat

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    My condolences for your loss.

    I like animals and there is a pet in the household now, but I only really
    ever connected with one special critter.



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      My condolences on the loss of your animal friend. I too think that animals have much better manners than many people do. This is the reason that unless I know someone well enough to predict their behavior fairly decently, they dont get into the shop. Not that its much consolation, but I think you should feel lucky and thankful for the happy memories. I have always wanted, but have never been able to get a shop pet of any species to behave well enough for me to trust them there.
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        Loss of companion

        My condolences - the loss of an animal that was a companion is always a sad event. Whilst they are spared further suffering, you miss their quiet presence, particularly as they get older and know their place and your routine.


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          Sorry to hear it Oil Mac - critters are the best friends going and I have one getting up in age and having some troubles.


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            You have my sincere condolences also.
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              Sorry about the moggie Mac.

              What are you doing with it's bowl ?


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                Get another one. It will not replace the one you lost. Cats are mostly very independant and it can be a while before he becomes the shop surpervisor. It will help to take your mind off your loss.
                Byron Boucher
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                  My condolences too on the loss of your companion. Wishing you well with the time it takes for adjustment and grieving.

                  I've got three who come into the shop from time to time to check up on progress and just spend a little time. Several years ago I'd left the shop door open for several days and a feral mother had brought three kittens in and entrusted them to my care. Hers was a hard life but she wanted better circumstances for her offspring and I've tried to honor her effort. CalliePurr was just in this morning
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                    Sorry to hear about your cat Dan my friend best wishes and hope you are not too downhearted will phone you through the week am very tired tonight kindest regards to you pal and Margaret Alistair
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                      Sorry to hear. Sounds like the cat had a good long life however.

                      I allways worryed about my cat when I had a cat and a shop. Never let her in there.. She'd likey start playing with the swaff and maybe eat some of it. Or jump on my lathe and leave rusty footprints.. :P
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                        Too bad about your shop cat, lots of good memories, I'm sure. Ours is a house cat only...we're right next to the highway, and don't need him flattened into a sail-cat. White with reddish ears, tail and feet, so we called him Rusty, since he did around the edges. About 19 y.o., deaf as a post, but otherwise fairly healthy. It'll be a bummer when he goes...

                        David Kaiser
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                          Get an older cat from the shelter/pet recycling center.

                          Younger cats will want to play dangle-string with power-cords and long sharp chips... they are very curious critters!

                          Older cats are as well but they have a bit more restraint when it comes to playing with the dangles.

                          Just my experience. Two house-cats and a business-cat that lives in the warehouse section.
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                            I'm sorry to hear of your loss, I know it's tough right now but just remember that there will be another kitty who needs a shop job. Don't let your grief prevent you from having another buddy or two. My thoughts are with you
                            Take care.

                            Jim Doherty


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                              Oh... and it is not silly at all to grieve over the loss of a pet.

                              I had a rather large plecostomus that was a constant occupant of my primary fishtank for a very very long time. I actually shed tears when he was done and it still upsets me a bit to think about it.

                              I buried him out back next to some tree roots. Recycling dontcha know.

                              Give me **** about it if you must.
                              This product has been determined by the state of California to cause permanent irreversible death. This statement may or may not be recognized as valid by all states.
                              Heirs of an old war/that's what we've become Inheriting troubles I'm mentally numb
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