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Single/multiple point threading?

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  • Single/multiple point threading?

    I needed to thread a 17 in. piece of one inch pipe. The power threaders were all out of the shop. Well why not set up a chaser die from a power threader? Set it up in the atlas lathe using my homemade ball brg. "steady". Set the chaser in a 4way post and squared so as to keep the taper proper. Took a marking cut and it looked fine. Ran the thread about two pitches "running". Turned out a nice tapered pipe thread. I was wondering how many have tried this method?

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    I've used dies from geometric die heads in a 4-way tool post to create long threaded sections. Just clamp one die in square to the direction of travel and engage the half nuts...
    In a couple pases you are done; works great!


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      It works fine for making tapered threads and straight threads.
      Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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        Works great, leaves a great thread form.
        James Kilroy


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          Been using them for years.
          Even use them for thread milling on the CNC.

          And the latest use is to fit them to the swing threading tool which I now use all the while.

          Video here.


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