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Mini Crossbow Made of Gold and Silver

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  • Mini Crossbow Made of Gold and Silver

    You'll have to watch the video to see the crossbow, but its worth the 2 minutes. He's got a couple of different styles of bolts that he uses with the crossbow. The flaring/flaming one seems to be the least accurate of them.

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    This is really a piece of art!! It seem to work great too!


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      expensive toy!


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        You'll shoot your eye out, and burn down your office.



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          Did you watch the mini cannon videos? Very destructive dude. It looks like he wasted a perfectly good beer.

          Mark Hockett


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            Originally posted by Mark Hockett
            Did you watch the mini cannon videos? Very destructive dude. It looks like he wasted a perfectly good beer.

            Whaddya mean "perfectly good beer"? All I saw him shooting was a Heineken can. That's hardly "good beer." Give me something like Bear Whiz Beer, and I'll be upset if someone shoots it.


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              Interesting, and good workmanship.

              But I could do without the irritating racket. What prompts someone to think that adds to the appeal or content of their video?
              Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                I've often wondered about that, myself, Lynnl. Recently I recall looking at a very high quality video about a high-tech product...ruined by being underscored with "rap" music.

                I don't know about most people, but I have an extensive library of various kinds of music. If I don't have it, and want to listen to it, I know there are scores of web-sites and pages of music and video recordings online.

                What I don't need to hear is some flannel-mouth idiot "rapping" behind what I'm trying to watch. I also don't apreciate '80's Disco, or '60's acid rock.

                Some types of music (or lack of musical content) have no place in some videos...

                Reminds me of old cartoons where the characters record and edit their own movies and underscore it with John Phillip Sousa military marches. Even though the march music has no relation to what's going on in the video.

                But.....the irritating racket DOES drown out all the background noise, Lynnl..
                No good deed goes unpunished.


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                  Oh the soundtrack wasn't that bad... kinda catchy tune. To each their own. Most computers have a Mute button or function of some sort.

                  I like the incendiary dart. Seems that it is a very flat shooting weapon.