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    I own a Grizzly G4003G gunsmithing lathe. There have been dissatisfied customers because of the “thread chatter” problems associated with either the single phase motor, or the motor mounting. It seems that not all of these lathes suffer from this.

    One user reported (at that he was very successful placing an isolation pad between his motor and the headstock. I checked the post over there, and the individual took down his photos of the fix. I don’t know why.

    Some users have been successful replacing the single phase motor with a three phase motor and a variable frequency drive.

    I also was having thread chatter problems and installed an isolation pad which helped a lot, but did not entirely eliminate the problem. If I had to do it over again, I would have purchased the big gunsmithing lathe, but the small one does most everything I have wanted.

    There is an entire thread on these lathes over in the gunsmithing forum of this site. The discussion is one of the top threads that have been read. Just click on “views” and the most viewed will be listed. I think it is the third or fourth.


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      Sorry guys, I could not get this web site up for a few days. I got it today? Ok , I live in Caldwell, Idaho and I agree there is no such thing as too many tools. I ran a small cabinet shop for several years. I got tired of sanding and it seemed like everyone I hired to sand felt the same way or they were blind! My shop is 30X60 and I sold all my big door making shapers except one so now I have a small mill and my Logan lathe. I am for sure still learning how to run them both correctly. I did do some looking at rebuilding the lathe but here are some of the problems. The guy took off the motor mounting bracket and pullys if I am looking at the correct model I ordered the manual for. It now has what I think is a washing machine motor! I cannot get the tail stock to line up with the head, this may be lack or knowing what I am doing. Excuse the terminoligy here, and the carriage lifts up off the rails no matter how much I shim the tool to center! This may also be operator error. Thanks for your thoughts. I found a machinist to help me set up my new Lathe and give me some classes for a reasonable hourly rate so I am on the road to cutting chips soon. If one of you guys want this Logan drop me private e-mail and we will work it out. Thanks, Bob (please excuse all spelling and typo's keyboards test me!)


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        Got some pictures of the Logan? If you don't know how to post them online you can send me a private message and I will post them for you. I (and others I am sure) are curious what might be causing the problems with the lathe. One thing to take a picture of is the tailstock brought up close to the headstock while checking the alignment. Another is to take a picture of the front of the carriage at a low angle. Washing machine motors are really a pretty good motor for a lathe. Many have 2 speeds and reverse and some are 3/4 horsepower.
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