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Bridgeport Mill "Clones" Spindle Adjustments

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  • Bridgeport Mill "Clones" Spindle Adjustments

    The Grizzly or Jet "Bridgeport Mill" clones seem to be a reasonable alternative to "the real thing" at a much lower price. On the smaller floor mills (8x36) the head only tilts left/right and swivels 90 degrees. None of the smaller "clones" have a tilt adjustment forward and aft. Is this a problem when you are "tramming" the head to get square cuts on all four sides of a block of material around the X and Y axis?

    It seems like you could only assure square cuts left and right of the spindle and not in front of, or in back of, the spindle.

    What's the story on spindle adjustments with these "clone" Bridgeports?

    I'm sure it shows, but I am new to machine work.

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    If it's not adjustable, the machine should be set square front to back.
    If it's not send it back.
    It may be "cheap" but it should still be respectable.
    Does it come with an inspection report?
    Most machines do.
    Check the report before deliverey, or tram it yourself.


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      From what I hear, inspection reports are ginned up on most of this equipment. It is net a bad practice to tram in any machine when setting it up initially, or relocating. Not a bad idea to recheck periodically either.
      Jim H.


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        Just "trammed" the head of my RF45. I ended up using tin from an old can lid. It was a large flat lid. Cut two strips and slipped them under the column. Originally was out by .010 (leaning forward), got it to .002 for and aft. Did some face milling with a 2.5" cutter. Not bad. Had a small parting line on a 4" wide piece.I will try to get it under .001", if possible.