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    Would one of you be able to put out a list of what and how searches work within this (and other) forum ???
    I just read thread reply that said "Christ, search the forum. There has been ... within the past ... !!!!"
    I'll admit I've gotten this response more than once. Finding the post reply that 3 letter or less searches don't work was news to me.
    So how about a little help for the computer iliterate.

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    Unfortunately, the VBulletin search just flat-out sucks. It's not specific to HSM Forum.

    Yes, three letter searches are ignored.

    Your best bet is to use Google search on the site:

    ? search phrase
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      Christ probably doesn't have the time to do a search anyway. He has the family business to take care of doesn't he.
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        Originally posted by lazlo
        Your best bet is to use Google search on the site:

        ? search phrase

        That's what I do for any forum search.

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