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New mill/drill [again]

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  • New mill/drill [again]

    Hello I'm new here so cut me just little slack. I'm sure this topic has been beat to death but here goes anyway. I've looking at a square column mill/drill. Rong fu, Grizzly, Enco and others then I found IH Machines mill. Anybody know anything about any of these or something better. years ago I had an old rockwell mill that was a great little machine. Space is the biggest issue or I would just look for good used full sized knee mill. Would like find something well built.

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    I have the Enco 307-2792 with stand as seen on this link

    I added a three axis DRO and power feed on X axis. I have had to make some adjustments to the column in order to get the tram where I am happy with it.

    Over all I am pleased with the machine. I started with a HF mini mill and the Enco machine could chew up and spit out the mini mill.

    I would of liked to get one of the Rong Fu's with power down feed but the budget would not handle the extra cost.



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      I am also very tight on space. I have a Weiss 30 mill and love it.

      If I were replacing it, I would step up to a 45 class machine.

      If the price is a huge factor, a Rong Fu knockoff such as the Precision Matthews 45 is least expensive, then IH Square Column Bed mill, and and finally a real Rong Fu.

      I would personally spring for the IH based on work envelope and some of the other advertised improvements if the cash is available.
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        Definately step up to an IH class, I got one and LOVE it, MUCH bigger travel then 45's, nearly twice the weight, barley costs any more.

        Theres nothing 'bigger' new thats anywhere near that price.

        No location in your profile listed, but if your in canada check out

        thats where I got mine. awsome prices and very low shiping (I think it was only a couple $100 to get it to bc, vancouver? Mainly went by train, droped off in my driveway by liftgate, rolled into my basement via fenceposts cut in half (Cheapest roundish wood I could find) on 2x4's used as tracks. (Cheapest sturdyest lightest wood I could find that had enough area not to excessively sink in the soft dirt I had to move it over)

        Was rather nice with the fence posts, none where quite round, so I did'nt have any problem with it trying to roll back on slight hills as I moved the 4 2x4's I used as tracks around (Cheaper then plywood! Need 1/2" plywood or 3/4" to prevent ruining the plywood.. as if all the dirt would'nt ruin it anyway)

        Movers used a sled with 3/8" plywood to get it to my new house... plywood was trashed after one move! though they did move it in under an hour where as I took a few days by myself, casualy moving it a little each day with a 3' crowbar on rollers)
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          2X on the IH.

          Most bang for the buck.