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AT&T is a Lier Cheat & Thief

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  • AT&T is a Lier Cheat & Thief

    AT&T advertised $24.99 high speed internet so I called and asked guestions to make sure it really is as advertised. After answering lots of questions, gave them all my personal information they said the price is $24.99. I asked if there are any hidden fees or additional charged and they said, no. I said I want to make sure my monthly bill will be $24.99 as advertised if your cheaper then the service I now have then I will switch. I was told the monthly bill will be $24.99 but I have to buy my own $100 modem. The charge to my bank account was $141.25. Then I received an email that says my monthly bill will be $41.25.

    That pisses me off AT&T lied to me this is about $1.30 more than I am paying for Earthlink they were bought out my Sprint. There is no Sprint or Earthlink advisement taking over my computer like a VIRUS.

    The other thing that pisses me off is AT&T will not let you online until after I download their software. Every thing I do now has AT&T advertisements and there is a bunch of AT&T crap that covers the WHOLE top half of my computer screen. If I pull up a web page I can only see 1/2 the page all that advertisement crap covers the other have of the page. This is pissing me off. This is like having a VIRUS I can not get rid of.

    I am going to close my bank account so AT&T can not get anymore money. I will take my computer somewhere and have all this AT&T crap removed. AT&T can suit me if they want they lied to me.
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    Why don't you tell us how you really feel?
    I cut it off twice and it's still too short!


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      Originally posted by Seastar
      Why don't you tell us how you really feel?
      And sadly enough AT&T's customer service (just like Direct TV and the rest) literally SUCKS.


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        I too have been less than happy with AT+T lately.

        I have had dsl through them for probably 10 years. A couple of months ago my bill went from $35 a month to $40.65. I called them and they told me I had been gettting a promotional rate for the last year.

        The next month my bill went to $45.00. They also keep changing the free McAfee anti-virus terms. Used to cover something like 8 computers but now it is 4. No notice that this change was to be made. One day I log onto on of my computers and it is screwed up with the McAfee program.

        Also, the service has been terrible lately. Broadband errors that require a shutdown of IE.

        I called them and told them that I was very unhappy with their service and was pretty much told too bad.

        I have cable available but they are not much better. About 15 years ago I had cable installed when I was laid up with a broken femur. A few months later when I was healed up enough to climb steps, I went into the basement to see footprints on my pool table cover. It was easy to see that the cable installer had walked across my pool table to save a few feet of cable by running it diagonally. The cable followed the footprints exactly. I said no more cable from now on.

        The choices seem slim for high speed internet.

        I remember reading that the UHF band was supposed to become a wireless high speed internet network that would reach for maybe 100 miles. Don't know what is happening with that.






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          My son just came in he knows how this computer stuff works. We almost have it all fixed. We started over, son knows how not to install AT&T software so the computer remains as before. GOOD!!!

          But AT&T still lied to me about the price it is NOT $24.99 as advertised!!!!

          It is 99% installed but we have been stuck on Detecting Modem for 45 minutes.

          I just talked to a friend in NC he had the same problem it made him mad so he wrote a letter to the State Attorney General and they got him out of his contract and got all his money refunded.
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            Honestly dumb question - has anyone found a situation where you can switch between companies, get equal or better service, and NOT pay more? I surely have not. Every time I have switched for an advertised lower price, there are always hidden fees, taxes, conditions etc, or the service just plain sucks. Not trying to knock you Gary, just curious what others' experiences have been.
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              In my area, my DSL provider offers a service where they take care of the voice part of the telephone line as well. The wires are still run by AT&T, but I don't have to deal with them anymore, nor get billed by them. See if this type of service is available in your area as well.


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                At least you don't have to deal with Bell Canada. For the half a year I was with them I was on the phone at least once a month trying to get something or another corrected. And after 3 months away from them they still call to try to lure me back. After about 9 months they still have not figured out how to spell my name correctly.


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                  Did you call AT&T to find out whats going on? I never really had any issues with them when I used them and I had them for years.

                  Now I am on Frontier (Was verizon). They signed me up for a $5 a month introductory offer and I am still paying that price, for about 2 years now...


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                    Now I am on Frontier (Was verizon). They signed me up for a $5 a month introductory offer and I am still paying that price, for about 2 years now...
                    Same company as you, but I never did get the introductory price. My total bill for phone + DSL is over $80.00/month, and that's 1 megabit to boot.

                    Can't complain too much about the service, though.


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                      I got Clear (formerly "Clearwire") and it costs me $35.50/mo for a microwave wireless modem and connectrion to cyberspace..

                      5mb up and 500kb down.

                      No ads (well, a few spams but you can check the box and they won't send anymore).

                      No software loading or computer tweaking - it uses the built-in Ethernet.

                      Got a problem? Call the number and a really slick computer talks you through the steps. If that doesn't work you can talk to a human without a lot of hassle. About once a year I have a small problem where I lose the signal. It's usually on their end and its fixed within a couple hours.

                      There was a Clear commercial where the guy was completely coiled in rope except for his head. Another guy in the background pulled on the rope to hoist the wrapped up guy to hang up side down. The wrapped up guy hooked up the microwave modem with his mouth, poked the keyboard with his nose, and the IPS popped up on the screen. It almost was that simple. I went from the sealed box to on-line in about two minutes. The instructions were a half dozen lines and some illustrations on a single sheet of paper. I was impressed.

                      Best service I have.
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                        I should mention that I am a 35 year ATT customer. I have dropped my cottage phone and my land line at home in the last year or so. My service has been pretty good until the last year or two.

                        I also just spent about 10 minutes digging through an email that I got from ATT trying to find the part I had read about USAGE ALLOWANCES.

                        The email listed out a lot of changes to the terms of use agreement, but the most significant one was on usage allowances. 150 gigs for a personal account. It said that is 20 standard def. movies or 10 HD movies.

                        I think as more people get into streaming movies that will be a very unpopular restriction. I don't think cable is as restrictive. But I still have to check on that.

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                          Around here we have DSL,Cable and some wireless outfits.They all work out to with in $2-3 of each other no matter the plan.

                          I went with cable mainly because they are the only ones who deliever on the speed they promised.I'm paying $28.95 for 8meg internet.I can get 12 or 16meg for more per month,but the 8meg is fast enough.
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                            It took over 3 hours to get this computer online with AT&T. I still have the other computer online with Earthlink which is now owned by Sprint.

                            I have had Earthlink for 15 years maybe longer I switched to another service 2 times and I was not happy with them at all so I went back to Earthlink.

                            I have noticed the small companies will bend over backwards to help you out because they have to compete with the big companies, the big companies don't seem to care if you have to hold on the phone for hours. I have a friend that said their AT&T service was not working for 2 weeks they had to threaten to cancel service to finally get a service man to come and replace the bad modem.

                            Any time I needed Earthlink help I could do online chat or give them a call. Online chat is the best it only takes about 2 minutes for someone to come on and help me FREE. Phone help was always good too the wait was never more than a few minutes and it was FREE.

                            If I had it to do over I would have stayed with Earthlink.
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                              Try satellite internet. (NOT). For $65 US per month I have the privilege of getting service that is often slower than dial up. Max speed is 70 Kb per second with 20 to 30 the norm during the day. Down load limit per hour is around 6 megabytes and then they slow you down to dialup speed. Worse is the upload service. Max speed is 12 Kb and if I exceed 2.2 megabytes in any one hour period I will be slowed down to half of dialup in both directions for the next six hours. Even at "full" speed it can take up to 5 minutes for a page to load. In a lot of cases the pages don't ever finish loading because the servers time out.

                              I have no alternatives except dialup and that would require another phone line which isn't available so I would have to use my existing line. We have no cable, no land based wireless and no cell service even though I only live 12 miles from town. We won't be getting any alternatives any time soon because the major service providers already think that their service is available in our valley. The take a compass and draw a circle around the town and that is the range they think they have. I have talked to ATT (Bell Canada) many times to inform them that their service isn't available here but they still have telemarketers calling me about once per week trying to sell me service.

                              I recently received an offer from Telus, our landline provider, for a new high speed service. I called and ordered it on the proviso that they would have to prove that it actually works at my house. They couldn't do that. Not they wouldn't do that, they had no internal mechanism to promise that I could really see the cell phone tower. I can't, there is 3 kilometres of cumulo granite between us and the tower.
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