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  • Rice Milwaukee Die Filer

    I have a Rice Milwaukee die filer model FS. It is variable speed and variable stroke. The supports for the file guide are on the machine but the guide for the file is missing as are all the small parts that mount on the supports over the table. I would love to find a manual or any information on this machine. I'm not even sure what oil to put into it. Thanks

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    SAE 10w.
    I have a scan of the manual for a non-vs machine.
    PM your email and I will send it your way.
    Location: North Central Texas


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      Originally posted by Joel
      SAE 10w.
      I have a scan of the manual for a non-vs machine.
      PM your email and I will send it your way.
      Thanks Joel
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        Still Looking

        Joel th information in your pdf was helpful. I'm still hoping someone can lead me to an original manual. I wonder when this machine was manufactured.


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          Hello, I'm new to the group, but just had a Rice/Milwaukee FS drop into my hands, missing files and manual. It seems fairly complete and I can post pictures if anybody would like to see anything, and I can figure out how to do the posting.

          Just checked the BBS and found this thread. Any chance I could also get a scan, please?

          I just played with an upside-down file and it seemed to work fine the way I got it, slightly faster than an energetic apprentice.

          Thanks for all!



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            I almost ressurected this thread last week for the same info. until I saw the old date.

            I too recently acquired a Rice/milwaukee. Otherwise excellent, unused but dirty machine. However, I need to see the upper file clamp parts for the over arm. All else seems intact. follow guide , over arm etc. I still believe I'm missing a small post to use the follow alone, but that will be easy enoungh to make. My end of the over arm has the spring return assy., just not the actual file clamp pieces. I need to avoid re-invention of the original clamp design. I'm sure it is pretty basic though.

            Maybe an old post , But I'll try for info. too!

            Any one still have a PDF available ?
            Bricolage anyone? of lifes fun games.


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              I've got some pictures of a Milwaukee FS-VSS die filer here. Mine bears a Manley badge but it seems to be comparable to the models made by Rice.


              I also have a 10-page manual for what appears to be the fixed speed version, but most of the important file/saw holding bits seem to be the same as on the variable speed model. Email me if you want a copy. I don't get here very often and it could be weeks before I see a PM.

              Mike Henry near Chicago