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Good metal polishes?

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  • Good metal polishes?

    I have some Brasso and Turtle Wax metal polishes.

    I've heard Simichrome, Mother's, Maas, and some others are very good also.

    What do you folks recommend?


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    For aluminum either Brasso or Mothers aluminum polish can't be beat.
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      If you really want to get into polishing, check out Brownell's and investigate what they have. Their "Gunsmith Kinks #1" book goes into great detail about metal polishing.
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        Nevr-dull works pretty well, also.
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          I know there are many newer and technically superior products out there, but do any of you Englishman know if "Goddards Glow" still exists?

          A couple of us bike enthusiasts here in Australia have been looking for it for some time without success. My last tube (bought in the 1970's) is all gone. A mate of mine still has a tiny bit left in a tin that he keeps for nostalgia reasons - we all have a sniff of it when we visit his place.

          You couldn't beat the smell of a shiny Triumph or BSA engine warming up after being polished with Glow. Ah, what memories!

          Brisbane Australia


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            You could ask them:

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              Semichrome is a good polish.


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                rottenstone can polish metal, but better grades of polishing media are marketed by Grobet are powdered ruby, and tin oxide. Then of course there are also the Clover compounds and similar products from Carborundum. Don't forget crushed diamonds in those itty-bitty tubes.


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                  I've had good results with Autosol. Most motorcycle shops carry it. Also some of the better auto centers.