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20 Ton Press info request

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  • 20 Ton Press info request

    Got one of these far-east machines that uses a hydraulic jack. Not going to do anything exotic but I wonder about the supplied backup plates.

    They are two pieces of (?) 1 inch thick. The material is granular/nodular and does not have the appearance of hot-rolled (& definitely not cold-rolled) steel. Some kind of cast ferrous metal? Anyway, bottom line is I wouldn't trust it when pressure is applied.

    What would be suitable steel? Mild, carbon steel, or ? Hot or cold rolled?

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    The junk import plates do break... some type of poorly cast iron.

    I'd use 1- 1.5 inch thick hot rolled steel.


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      Harbor Freight? I have the twenty ton from HF (didn't hurt a bit to admit where it came from! ) and the plates that came with it are definitely some kind of iron casting and I would never trust them under pressure. The problem is they will fail without warning, not just my opinion but a common complaint that has been mentioned several times here and on other forums I visit. A good steel plate will bend and give a clear warning that it is not up to the task and of course if it is thick enough nothing at all happens, not so with that cast crap and it can snap suddenly often causing a dangerous situation. Toss those things and replace them with steel plates!


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        Please, Please send the plates to me. I'll use them. I'll pay for shipping via USPS priorty mail

        I have the same press. I hated pumping it because it was really slow due to it being 20T. So I searched the entire web and found the same pump on that uses either air or manual. I got it for $70 shipped.. Best money spent.