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How to Whiten sun exposed plastic

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  • How to Whiten sun exposed plastic

    hey guy

    I have a old washing machine with sun exposed covers so it turned yellow.
    How can I get them white again.
    I used some rubbing compound and buffed it but it works really slow and messes up the surface finish.
    Is there a chemical I can use for this.

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    You can always just EDM it...

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      I think if it's a thermoplastic, application of heat may help. It's hard to say, based on your description, so maybe try on a small area that can't be seen. I've used a heat gun to restore faded plastics on car parts this way. Carefully pass the heat from the gun over the plastic, the surface melts ever so slightly and restores the finish and colour. Don't heat it too much however or you'll simply melt the whole part!! Whether the plastic can be treated in this way you can probably determine from the recycling symbol, but it's probably just as easy to give it a quick pass with the heat and see what happens.

      The downside is the ever-present danger of melting the part, but also the restoration doesn't seem to last as long as the original finish, but can be done again.

      Hope that helps.



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        The color has changed because the plastic has been exposed to UV & Ifrared and some of the chemicals have migrated out. The plastic you have today is quite a bit different than what was originally manufactured because of this slow chemical/light reaction.


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          I have not tried this yet, but it looks promising and is do it yourself.

          How to whiten old yellowed plastic cases.