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Atlas 12x36 Broken parts!!! Need some help!!!

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  • Atlas 12x36 Broken parts!!! Need some help!!!

    I just bought an Atlas 12x36 lathe and it seems to be missing some pieces. Model is a 3986 and it appears the the PO that had it let it fall over and it broke a few things . On top of that I have no manual or motor. I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for info and parts??. It appears that the
    Quick Change handle's are broke, and the forward and reverse lead screw handle. The cross feed handle is also broke. If he had the pieces I could weld them with 55 nickle, but he lost them. This is a rear unit and I have no idea as to how to set it up. I have a Clausing model 4900 that I use all of the time. I bought the 12 because he was going to scrap it out. I love a "challenge" so I bought it!!. I don't believe I made a mistake in buying it because there ar a lot of these lathe floating around!!. Any help would be most appreciated.

    Thank you. Allan

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    I have an atlas 10". I find pretty much all of my parts on ebay. You can still buy some parts new from what I hear but they are not very cheap.

    Besides ebay I don't know of any other places you can find used parts for sale. Fort chat and atlas talk I hang out at

    Good luck with it! I plan to get a bigger heavier lathe some day but will keep the atlas just because of the attachments I have for it and how well it works for small parts.


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      Possible parts/help source

      Hi Allan,

      I would try Joe at Plaza Machinery. He doesn't have a phone but answers e-mail.

      Here is a photo of a 12 X 36 on his site right now:

      Don't know if this is the same model as yours.

      His home page is:

      You can download a list of machines & parts from this page. Because he does sell parts you might have some luck w/him.
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      Best wishes to ya’ll.



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        For manuals I recommend you look at or


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          Look through this link and you'll find your manual.


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            If you can determine the equivalent Craftsman model number, Sears Parts Direct will probably have some of the parts. May be a bit pricey, though.


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              Originally posted by john hobdeclipe
              If you can determine the equivalent Craftsman model number, Sears Parts Direct will probably have some of the parts. May be a bit pricey, though.
              I have found that Sears seems to use the Atlas part numbers, though they have different model numbers for the lathes. In the past I have bought quite a few Atlas parts from Sears. Some were quite cheap, probably old stock, while others seemed pretty expensive.
              Don Young


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                You can't braze pot metal!! The QC handles are cast iron,but not the carriage handles. Ebay always has Atlas parts. My first lathe was like the 1 pictured above. GOOD RIDDANCE!!! I bought it new,too.