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makita trim saw help.

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  • makita trim saw help.

    Wonder if anyone here has a source for a cheaper carbide blade?

    I picked up a Makita "Trim Saw",Model 4200n, the blade is 4 3/8 dia x 20mm bore.

    The only replacement blades i can find around here are "Makita" @ $50.00 each.-(Gotta order them)

    Apparently there are aftermarket blades of this size to fit this saw, does anyone have another blade name to look up i can check out ?

    I was told there is a blade of this size dia., but with a 3/8 bore,, is it practical to drill the bore out to 20mm?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I looked for the same, and got the same sticker shock. I would bore the 3/8 hole to fit- done that before, but on a much larger blade. One mistake I made at first was to make the hole only one thou larger than the arbor- when the arbor heated up the blade was stuck. Let it cool down and the blade came off easily.

    I've never found the blade discs to be hard to machine. Of course you will be boring the new size well centered-
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      Darryl thanks for your'e reply , interesting you had the same problem.

      Googling everything i can think of i came across one blade brand "SKIL" 4 3/8x -(one line said 20mm, the next line said 3/4 bore.)

      Now wondering what the price of these blades are?


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        Amazon has Amana brand blades that fit this saw for fifteen bucks.

        they also have freud brand for a few bucks more-

        I, too have one of these saws, but I havent shopped for a new blade in years. When I used to use it a lot, my local contractors supply house used to stock several brands that fit. I am pretty sure I have 2, so I can send one out for resharpening while still using one.

        I never shop for much beyond hoses or light bulbs at places like home depot- instead I go to tool supply places that actually carry good quality stuff for pros.

        Usually, you can find a local place that carries lines like Freud, which makes very good saw blades.
        You can also buy arbor adapters at such a store that let you use different, larger size arbor blades.


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          Thanks guys for your'e help,, that arbour adapter Ries mentioned sounds interesting, i think just drilling the center hole out to fit is a possibility, but going to price source the Freud etc first.

          Geez every couple of years it seems they keep comming out with different blade diameters and arbour hole sizes!!!


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            At least one of those amazon blades come with an arbor adapter, that takes the 20mm down to 3/8" so it will fit other saws.

            The thing is, that 4 3/8" blade is not very common. In 8" and 10", you can get anything you want.

            You dont say where you live, but with a name like Sasquatch, I wonder if you are in the Pacific Northwest?
            I get some of my blades from Systimatic, in Bellevue Wa, and they may make blades to fit the little Makita- you would need to actually call or email em, as its a bit too out of the ordinary for their normal stock list on the website,but I bet they might make em. They make very good carbide blades.

            They also have adapter bushings for various sizes-


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              Without you giving us your location I cannot give you a local source for this item, heck I don't even know what continent your on.

              But for what it's worth I just picked up a 24 tooth 4 3/8" x 20mm bore carbide tipped Samona blade at the local Home Hardware store for $2.99 cnd.
              The Samona website lists the same # as I have,(40212) as having a 3/4" bore, 20mm works out to .787+. My blade for which I still have the original package clearly stares that it is a 20mm bore, which indeed it is.

              Not sure if this brand is available where you reside, but Samona is one of the lower price point brands in Canada. I'm sure you'll be able to find one from one of the suppliers for a whole lot less than $50.

              Here's the link to Samona's site:


              The site won't let me link to the blade in question but if you go to the above link, then to products, saw blades, then click the "SAW BLADES SAMONA" tab you will see the #40212 blade, that my caliper says is 20mm.
              Hope this helps.
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