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Congealed Soy Oils

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  • Congealed Soy Oils

    Working on pumps used to pump soy oil. Over time they get really congealed with sopy oil residues. is there a Chemical that will cut through and dissolve this by product? Thankyou mike

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    Caustic soda (lye) will dissolve just about anything organic with a little time... Including congealed oils, coolant, grease, paint, skin...

    Not suitable for use on aluminium or brass/bronze, but I'd guess that soy oil processing plant, being "food grade" would be all stainless steel?

    You'd need to flush it through pretty thoroughly, although they do use it to make Lutefisk (ewwww....)

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      Oven cleaner should work. It usually contains lye as well as surfactants and emulsifiers to make the oil water washable.
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        paint stripper ..would be best ..ive cleaned deep fat friers with that ..only stuff that would work ..

        don't get it near any rubber though melts rubber

        all the best.markj


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          I would be concerned about the action of methylene chloride on stainless steel. SS is vulnerable to stress corrosion cracking caused by exposure to chlorides.
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            well Ive been using it for years ..and my frier hasn't fallen apart on me yet must be 15 years old now.

            btw ..its only on the surface for a few mins ..not hours or days

            i also use maconery cleaner down the toilet ..which is 15 percent hydrochloric ...when i cant remove the lime scale with anything else .

            all the best.markj


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              There is a bit of difference between a fryer and a pump, stress wise...
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                the metalurgy around SS welds gets complicated... with all sort of opportunity for stress and corrosion induced cracking... if you get the wrong combination of base metal, filler, temp, stress chemicals... Is it a concern here? hard to tell either way. Lots of interesting literature out there on it though


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                  Thanx Guys

                  The Oven Cleaner idea sounds simpple. I was thinking of using Hexane??? Its used to dissolve oils from Soy? Anyone know anything about this stuff? Its a additive for gasoline and 5 Gallons is around 60 dollars.


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                    Have you tried a steam cleaner?



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                      When push comes to shove. We used 1,000 hydraulic HP and waterjets mounted on a wheeled apparatus to remove rubber buildup and runway numbers from each end of heavily used naval airbase runways. Easy money.



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                        Steam (from a boiler). Maybe glycerin? Connect inlet to outlet and recirculat a few gallons in a short loop?


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                          What about strong detergent wouldn't that do with some elbow grease ? Can you boil the part if so what about boiling in washing detergent like bio- degradable clothes grease remover.At least they are safer given a long boil than nasty chemicals.Alistair
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                            Ok, I laughed, but my pit chief used to work in a liposuction practice,
                            and they used Dawn Blue dishes soap (washing- up liquid) to get
                            their gear cleaned up after 'surgury'.

                            Sure enough, we got all sorts of greases/fats out of things with it at the shop.

                            Not sure about soy, but it cuts stuff that the more aggressive chemicals don't.
                            Heat helps, too.

                            I also have had luck with Oil Eater.


                            rusting in Seattle


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                              Hexane is an excellent nonpolar solvent and will even dissolve wax. I would suspect it would work I think it probably will also dissolve the oils and fats out of your skin and I would think it might provide a potential source of contamination in a food grade setup.

                              Provided that lye solution won't destroy the particular stainless weldment types you have, it will hydrolyze the oil and turn it into a soapy byproduct. It would also be very important to get it out of the system to avoid contamination.

                              There has to be some type of commerical cleaner. I would suggest alconox laboratory detergent. It has a fair amount of lye-like hydroxides in it and is actually warranted not to destroy most things. Take a look at