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  • Introduction

    Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I'm new here and look forward to getting to know people in this community. I probably wont be of much help to anyone right away as I have very limited knowledge of machinning and metallurgy. I did take metal shop in highschool but that was over 30 years ago.

    I own an older Smithy 1220 XL. I purchased it from the son of a gunsmith who passed away. It had a ton of extras as the gunsmith pirmarly did custom projects for the local police dept. I belive that I have enough tooling to accomplish most any project I would want to take on.

    I know everything is going CNC now days, but I was hoping to find some old school guys around here that could give me advice and help me along. I also cast aluminum on a limited level. I find it useful in saving a few bucks on aluminum stock when practicing.
    Thanks for having me here,

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    Welcome to the forum Sonnet. You will find a lot of useful information and a little useless information too.

    Does your name come from the Saab Sonnet?






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      Greetings Sonnet ! Don't feel alone, I'm new here too. There are some really great people here who know a lot about a lot. I'm sure you will find a plenty of support if you ask for it. Please don't feel that ANY question is a dumb question. Those of us who may have more experience than you had those same questions at some point too. WELCOME ABOARD ! [:-)

      EDIT: You say you're looking for some "old school guys"? Well, I'm older than a round arm Bridgeport *LOL*
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        Isn't Sonnet a biblical derivation? Alistair
        Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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          Welcome. Your're in the right place whatever your level of expertise. If you go to User CP and Edit Profile you can add your location so we don't try to send you to the best metal dealer in Kankakee when you live in England or some other awful place.


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            Great that you stopped to introduce yourself. Welcome. Like GK said, do put some general location in so folks know how best to help. And don't swaet the no-CNC thing, many here have no CNC capability (myself included) and are just fine with that.

            I'm betting that you will enjoy some of the "useless" information as much as the on-topic useful stuff, and will find that you have more to offer than you may think.

            Have fun!


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              Thankyou gentlemen,
              Actually I live in the U.S., Pacific Northwest, Portland Vancouver area. Sonnet means "little song or sound" sometimes it's a poem. I did not know it had a Biblical connection to Alistair. I'm curious about that.

              Mostly I would like to learn about aluminum metallurgy and setting up projects correctly to lathe, mill, bore and drill. Just basic stuff so things are not off center when I do a project.

              I inquired about a metals class at the community collage, but you have to be enrolled in one of their vocational training programs to have access to the machine shop. I just wanted to learn how to use my Smithy and learn about metals. Thats not what the community collage here offers.

              No one has to worry about criticisms from me for bad typing , misspelling words, or sentence structure, because I'm a two finger typer who has to look at the keyboard. Reading comprehension is sometimes difficult for me as well, thats why I learn better when someone shows me. I learn well from pictures or movies, but books filled with technical jargon make my head spin unless I have experience in that field. I can handle reading posts and instructions if I understand the terminology. As far as machinning terms or models of machines, I know next to nothing but I do want to learn. I hope I will not be too annoyingly ignorant.


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                Good to see you with us all Sonnet, In this forum, I believe, there may be more of the guys who do not understand C.N.C. machining than others skilled in that discipline, Myself included, As regards not knowing much about machining that is a good starting point, You can only get better, We were all at that point at one time in our life.

                There are a lot of simple books on machining, you could get easy to read, and on the web much good data also Practice makes perfection, The ability to cast your own bar stock is usefull, as recently i priced some alum, and it was a cost bordering on heart attack land


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                  Welcome Sonnet.

                  Yup, lots of knowledgable people here, on just about any subject, great craftsman, and very good people.

                  A number of us are learning as much as we can including myself, this forum is a good interesting place to hang out.


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                    Welcome aboard. Even if you get into CNC some day, knowing how to run a manual machine is very important. There is a certain coold factor in turning real mechanical dials and being able to vary your feed and cut depth by "feel" on the fly. Someday I'd like to set up a manual/CNC mill and lathe, but for now its all manual.

                    I've learned alot on this board and try to contribute where I can. You'll learn a lot at first and try to pass that on to other folks. You'd be surprised what questions people have and you probably have good experience ot pass on. Everythign from making tooling to setting up your shop, electrical questions, etc.



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                      Welcome Sonnet! Hope you enjoy your stay around here as much as I have. I'm not the joiner type but this has been a good ride me for the most part. Not enough politically correct only types to ruin it for everyone else. You can learn a lot here. When I started I knew absolutely nothing about machining. I still don't know alot about machining but I can tell you an easy way to kill dandelions and other such important data Actually, we have a lot of Off Topic topics but a good many of us find that that's what makes the board so interesting. I'm fond of saying it's like a McDonalds restaurant at 10am when the retirees sunder in and all congregate in one corner to kibitz about everything under the sun. You have dandelions in your yard?

                      There are quite a lot of big dogs on the board but all are knowledgeable and helpful. It's just all the whizzen on the telephone poles, shrubs and mailboxes that gets a little tedious at times
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                      Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

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                        Thanks for your incouragement.

                        I was thinking, I could post some pictures of some basic set up with some round bar stock I have. I could show how I think things work and then you guys could comment on what I am doing right or or wrong.

                        I would like to find the center on the round bar stock, lathe to a diameter number, & cut some outside threads. This is just for practice and instruction. Then I would like to practice milling on an aluminum slab I poured into a cookie sheet. This would give me a little better understanding of the processes involved. If there is a better place to start the thread other then here, please make some suggestions.

                        My work schedule is a little crazy right now, so it may a bit slow going at first.
                        Thanks for your help.


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                          Welcome aboard friend.

                          You may get a gig or two from a couple of our most outspoken members, but don't be discouraged if it does happen.... just give it right back to em!

                          I have no clue about CNC and I have no desire to get into it. I make one off so-so parts with a clapped out South Bend lathe and a round column Jet mill. But even though I'm not in the elite owners group, these same guys have helped me improve my tooling and machining skills ten fold. And I too enjoy reading some of the off topic titles.

                          Stick around for a while and jump right in when you can or you wish. You'll have a lot of fun reading, and you will learn a thing or three while on the ride.



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                            Originally posted by Sonnet
                            Thankyou gentlemen,
                            Actually I live in the U.S., Pacific Northwest, Portland Vancouver area...
                            Good to know, but if you don't add it to "User CP and Edit Profile" no one will know unless they always read that one post. Look at the upper right corner of most posts.


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                              Thanks for the input. I hope I'll be able to post a picture or two on Saturday.