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  • laser cut pipe bender

    There is a laser cutting company near me . I would like to do a project where I build a pipe bender. I saw a plan on the net ( seem to have lost it) that had a cad drawing of a complete commercial unit. There seemed to be two types if my memory is correct . A jd type and a hossfield type, I know this has been brought up before but I am surprised that no one has made one on this forum and documented it. It seemed the jd was simpler or had superior pipe bending abilities as to the superior versitility of the hossfield .Is this true.I live in s africa so I cant just go buy one of these. It would also be a nice project. Does anyone have a cad drawing of these benders and and being ignorant of cnc is it a simple matter of giving the drawing to the laser company or do they need a special format for there machines to understand. I think it could become very expensive if they have to redo the drawing.I am going to try and make the dies myself.If there is someone who has built a simple mandrel bender I would be very interested to here from you

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    There is a complete set of Hossfeld bender drawings floating around the internet. A quick search engine query should show it up. If you can't find them that way, PM me. The Hossfeld website has numerous features like set-up pics and instructional videos.

    Editted P.S. or just use this board's search function...
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    Design to 0.0001", measure to 1/32", cut with an axe, grind to fit


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      Could one sussesfully turn the dies by roughing it out as much as possible and then making a form tool using a button out of silver steel . This could be held on a toolholder with a simple screw. I also saw somewhere a guy made a contraption that looked like a rod that pivots between two bearing points and had an adjustable piece of hss sticking out of it.He would just wind it into the workpiece and it had a handle on it. Something similar to a radius turning tool. Which would be better?


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        I Have 5 sets of tube bender plans in a directory.

        Let me know you email address if you want them and I zip them up and send them to you.


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          Most companies want a dxf..

          THE motorcycle plans, x-treme choppers?? x-sane? had a real good set of Model3 clone plans.. THE ones I used I digitized on the cnc here. Dropping a spring loaded cone into each hole.. the relief on one side is critical for pin clearance as it rotates back into Home position..

          If you can't find them, I have them here on dvd and can email them to you.. There's is a lot better than mine's..
          Mine works tho.. Hanging off the side of the new C-press frame.. demo'ed the old table. I turned it up instead of sideways. Harley Down-tubes hit the floor.
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