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    Is there a lot of cnc talk that goes on here or no?

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    uhhhhh .. .. No


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      Define "a lot".


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        You'd better head tot for that.



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          Depends of the type of CNC talking you are looking for. I'd suggest using the search first, as it is preferred before making a thread.
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            There is some discussion of CNC here in the General Section. Most of it is secondary to other topics though there are occasional CNC threads here. Our hosts publish a CNC magazine and there is a separate forum category for Digital Machinist though due to the way the forums are set up, most posts are in general and most people seem to keep reloading this section and ignoring the other sections because there isn't an easy way to see what is going on in all sections.

            cnczone is where most CNC discussion takes place.

            A lot of information is shared in common with both manual and CNC so even if you never touch the manual controls, there is some good info here. Also, a lot of the discussion at cnczone concerns less rigid CNC routers used for softer materials like wood and plastic and less suited to metal working or the idiosyncrasies of specific software and machines.

            Edit: The search function here is frequently broken so searching on CNC can show up no results while using google to search this site turns up 38,400 results.
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              Thanks for the input guys. I've used cnczone a bit, just a bit confusing for me.


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                Yeah, they have a major case of forum bloat. Just like


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                  Forum Bloat would be an understatement

                  It is absolutely ridiculous trying to wade through the myriad of forum topics they have over there


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                    Originally posted by wizatnight
                    Thanks for the input guys. I've used cnczone a bit, just a bit confusing for me.

                    cnczone can be pretty intimidating if you are new to the genre.
                    There are some pretty savvy people here. Perhaps they can help you become unbefuddled.
                    Ask away.