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    Hi Guys,

    Does anyone happen to know the air compressor manufacturer from I believe the Ohio, Indiana area which has been talked about in the past. They had a fairly complete select and fair prices. After searching for the past hour without success I thought I would just ask.


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    I believe they make a number of other brands also in that plant I can't remember which one is the parent company so I won't say.
    I will say that I have bought and put in to service an Ingersoll-Rand, 5 Horse running 230 volt, 890 gallon ASME tank, 175PSI 14.3 [email protected] 90psi I got it from Tractor Supply Was on sale for $999.99 and they still are on sale at that price.
    They are shipped out of Campbellsville KY.

    I can say that it is fairly quite and works well, depending on what I am using as a tool it stays off for awhile.
    Been there, probably broke it, doing that!
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      I think your talking about eaton compressors.


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        Thanks Richard, that is the place....



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          As I have posted before, 3 years ago I started looking for a larger air compressor for my Minnesota shop.
          The wheeled 2HP unit I had would not keep up with my bead blast cabinet.
          After some research I bought a C'-Aire II from L&M Fleet Supply in Virginia, MN.
          This unit is a 230VAC, 5 HP,Two Stage 60 gallon compressor built in Wyoming, MN by C'-Aire, Inc.
          It is a very high quality unit at a very modest price.
          C'-Aire uses a top quality imported Italian compressor pump that is cast iron and not pot metal.
          They use US motors.
          The unit is very quiet and built solid like things used to be.
          If you Google C-Aire, Inc. and call their phone number you can talk to some very knowledgeable people.
          I have no interest in them but think their products are top notch.

          I cut it off twice and it's still too short!


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            The Eaton compressors are on ebay a lot, they sound like they are well made but I'd like to hear from an actual owner.

            A lot of the things they address in their description make sense, like low RPM pumps and high torque, 1725 RPM motors. Price structure is excellent and they use honest HP ratings on their motors.

            I'm going to be in the market for a new compressor at some point and I'm really considering going with one of theirs if I could just get a customers recommendation.


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              Eaton compressors are Chinese imports and a couple of people I know have had some bad experiences with service from Eaton, seems like they have an attitude problem. Northern tool has Quincy compressors that are US built with Baldor motors and Quincy is one of the oldest manufactures in the business that still builds them in the US. Another American built compressor (except for an Italian pump) that is a really good buy can be found at of all places Harbor Freight! Believe it or not the HF US General is a rebadged US built Belaire, darn good compressor for the money. With all the Chinese junk at HF it is surprising to find a single quality item but this one is. These US General compressors actually are Belaire and are identical to the same Belaire models except for color and name tag, they are NOT Chinese imports!


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                Interesting about HF compressors, are you sure they are rebadged Belaire, or just a good knockoff.
                Also which of the US General compressors are rebadged Belaires


                Mike Hunter



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                  They actually are US built Belaire and they are becoming quite popular, the pump is the exact same excellent quality Italian built pump as on the regular "brand name" Belaire as is the A.O Smith and Square D electrics that are used, the 7 1/2 HP two stage 80 gallon tank model even had a heavy duty Baldor motor on it but unfortunately that model seems to have been discontinued. They still have the 5 HP 60 gallon tank single and two stage units however and they really are US built Belaires, just a different name tag. They definitely are not Chinese knockoffs and I can't understand why HF don't advertise the fact they are US built, I guess maybe they don't want to ruin their reputation.

                  Probably part of the deal with Belaire to sell these things was to not advertise where they are built and who builds them but that is just a guess. This ONLY is the Black color US General compressors! The Central Pneumatic, or whatever they call the junky things, are NOT what I am talking about and they are indeed Chinese junk!

                  At $799 on sale the two stage 5HP model is an absolute steal and the same compressor with the Belaire name on it costs nearly $1100 so the savings are substantial. The single stage can be bought for about $399 which is the same prices as the garden variety Chinese imports sold at Lowes, Home Depot, etc. I know the naysayers will probably chime in and insist these are just Chinese look-alikes but they are not, they are a real bargain on a genuine American built compressor.


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                    Previously the smaller E*ton units were import pumps, the bigger units, commercial/industrial are indeed USA, the bad part is they have aggresively hid/defended the USA part for their whole lineup in the past..........
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                      ALL Eaton pumps are imports and it was the Chinese part he was trying to hide! A google search brings this up as the second link and it is quite an eye opener as to the apparent attitude at Eaton.


                      From the Eaton site defending the import status but instead of "Chinese" they refer to them as "internationally built pumps".


                      Eaton pumps are imports, all of them.

                      BTW, don't confuse Eaton compressor of Eaton Ohio with the giant Eaton corp!
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                        Bellaire's are supposed to be decent air squeezer's.

                        I'm holding out and saving up for a Quincy. We currently have a 60 gal 7.5 HP Husky (Campbell-Hausfeld import) that we picked up at Home Despot a few years ago. It is now leaking oil into the tank. So the time is coming where we will replace it with an 80 or 60 gallon Quincy. the plan is to remove the pump from the Husky unit and convert it into a secondary storage/booster unit.

                        Northern has pretty good deals on the Quincy. So does Rural King if you're in IL or IN.


                        There's only one way to find out, might as well get started now!


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                          I bought my Quincy from air compressors direct, on sale, with free delivery. No problems at all.


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                            You just can't go wrong with a Quincy! They may cost a little more but they are worth every cent.


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                              Eaton pump

                              I bought an Eaton pump about 5 years ago and other than a sticky unloader valve I have zero problems. I use this pump on my mobile tire service it for hours on end and it just keeps on pumping air. I run it pretty slow as recommended by Eaton.

                              I'd buy another Eaton in a heart beat.