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OT-Managing 2 Yahoo Email Accounts

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  • OT-Managing 2 Yahoo Email Accounts

    I have 2 different accounts, and am having trouble when I have both open. I use a different "tab", one in each, but I guess they know it's from the same PC, and they overtake each other. Should I have two windows open to keep them separate?

    Using Firefox BTW.

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    It's not that they know you are trying to do this on the same computer, it's because you are trying to use the same browser for both accounts.

    Your login for each Yahoo email account relies on a secure browser cookie and Yahoo only allows one email cookie to be active at a time in a browser. So two separate instances, tab or window, of the same browser will not work.

    I would suggest using a different browser like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer for one of the accounts. That would allow you to have both accounts open at once. You could also buy MailPlus for each account and enable POP3 to access both email accounts from an email client like Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook. Then you would be able to see the emails from both accounts in the same client application.

    There is also a browser add-on for Firefox called CookiePie that seems to be designed for what you want to do, but I have never used it and I only know about it because I was searching to see if it was possible. Based on the description on the homepage, I think this one may prove to be the most difficult option.

    Hope that helps.


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      You're right, opening a second window doesn't help. Maybe a second browser would do the trick.

      Won't be Google though....

      Thanks for the help.


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        Running two different types of browsers works well.

        I actually run three different browsers at the same time because I monitor three different Gmail accounts as well as two different Yahoo mail accounts (IE, Firefox, Chrome).

        I haven't tried using any of the "in-private" browsing sessions to see whether or not they will work with Yahoo mail.


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          This sounds like the best plan. I was looking at Opera, but don't know how big a program it is. I have IE, but since I use Firefox, I haven't done any updates on IE for a long time.


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            Why not just use a email client. This will allow you to have multiple account under one window. Thunderbird is great for this. For work I monitor 8 different address and it is nice to go to one spot. I hit update once and they all update. Just wondering if it a personal preference or something else.


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              For me it's personal preference - in fact I actually do have the portable version of Thunderbird on my PC, and I currently use it for 10 email accounts that I access via POP (some of them are Gmail, others are Google Apps for Domains accounts), because that arrangement gives me local backup of my email messages and attachments, also permitting me to make backups of my backup. It pretty much just sits there in the background, and every 20 minutes or so (for the most active email accounts, or once every hour for the less-often-used ones) it pulls down a copy of any unread mail in each of those accounts, while leaving the emails on Google's servers so that I can continue to use the Gmail web browser interface.

              For actually reading and searching through my emails, I prefer to use the Gmail browser interface - I make good use of labels and filters, for example, to help organize my incoming mail. And I also like the Droid X interface to Gmail when I'm on the road.

              Unfortunately, AFAIK I can't do that with Yahoo for free (but I may consider paying for POP access to Yahoo for just long enough to suck a copy of all old emails down to my PC for backup purposes, after which I would stop paying for the access.)


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                Never knew you had to pay for yahoo. Apple and Yahoo must have struck a deal because my wife has 3 different accounts linked to her Iphone.


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                  The ability to access Yahoo! Mail using an email reader program such as Outlook, Eudora, or Thunderbird is only available to customers of our premium Yahoo! Mail Plus service. To determine whether you have purchased this service, please visit the My Services page.

                  See Yahoo! Mail Plus for information about subscribing.

                  But now that you mention it, maybe there might be alternate ways to get the POP access, so I'll have to do some searching.