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NewAge Industries MRBR-DI Portable Hardness Tester

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  • NewAge Industries MRBR-DI Portable Hardness Tester

    Some pictures of an MRBR-DI multi-range portable hardness tester
    manufactured by NewAge Industries. Capable of reading Rockwell B,
    Rockwell C and Brinnell.

    Shown with optional bases for testing round sections and testing
    in non-horizontal positions.

    Founded in 1954, NewAge continues to manufacture hardness testing


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    Looks good, so what's your point? Did you buy that one, are you selling that one, or did you want to share that they are available? If the latter, where to get one and how much do they cost?


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      And most of all, how accurate is that portable device?
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        The thread is for information purposes only.

        This one isn't for sale. If someone wants one, they'll have to track it down
        on their own.

        As for accuracy, I suppose it beats using a file.

        As I recall, the calibration test blocks have a +/- tolerance of 3% which
        sets a ceiling on accuracy. Within this limitation, holding the tester during
        application requires a little practice to hone technique for repeatable and
        reasonably accurate readings.

        Its portability offers advantages over a bench-style superficial hardness
        tester in that you can take it to the work and apply it to shapes that
        you couldn't fit into a bench tester.

        For my purposes, it is useful and takes up very little space when not

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          I have the Wilson (Rockwell) portable hardness tester. Similar concept, although your New Age looks like it can just be placed on top of the workpiece?

          The Wilson, like the non-portable testers, has an anvil and the work has to fit in the jaw opening.
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            Originally posted by lazlo
            ... although your New Age looks like it can just be
            placed on top of the workpiece?

            As you can imagine, this opens up some opportunities.



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              I recently got one of these, but there is no manual. Would you be willing to share via copy/scan etc. willing to compensate for you trouble?