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    I recently purchased a Standard modern 10" " utilathe" the two step pulley for the motor is missing and after searching around with no luck I thought I would ask here, does anyone know the dimensions for this pulley ? I also own the 9" version and on this machine the motor is mounted on a plate that allows you to release belt tension ... is this the same arrangement on the 10"? At present the motor on the 10" is bolted directly to the rear of the bed .

    I have contacted SM in Mississauga with no reply as yet ( heard they are for sale? ) maybe that's why ?

    Anyway thanks in advance

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    Yes SM is for sale and that could be a factor in the lack of a reply. However, if you go here: you'll find several pics that may be of help. You may also want to e-mail Tony at to inquire about a manual.


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      I don't know how being for sale factors into a pulley being available. The have some people out of town at the moment which i would guess is the cause.

      You have to contact LeBlond anyway, for some reason they did a deal where all parts go through them.


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        I have a 13" series 2000 and the motor is bolted directly to the bed, if that helps


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          Calculator for pulley belt length...

          If it is just the motor pulley and you can access to measure the pulley on the opposite end AND you know the rpm... by using the calculator at the link below, you should be able to "back track" and arrive at the pulley diameter(s) you are missing.


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            My 1120 had only one pulley on a single phase motor when I purchased the lathe.

            I "back-engineered" a two step pulley with the small one being 3 1/8" diam. and the larger at 3 7/8". Bear in mind that the original lathe called for a "B" size belt but the pulley's are "A" size. This made it easier to change the belt as the motor is bolted to the headstock as mentioned by Legendboy.

            Not sure if the dimensions I chose are correct but they work fine. I use an "A" size link belt as I almost never use the larger pulley - a 3 phase motor and VFD takes care of that.



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              Pulley size

              Measured at the base of the pulley groove, 3.09" and 2.16". When you contact Leblond, they can be less than helpful, (I know.) They will probably want a part number and for that they will sell you a xerox copy of the manual for about $25.00 plus shipping. The pulley will cost you the first year tuition for your kid at university.
              There is a copy of the Navy manual for the 2000 series floating around on the web, but I cant remember where.
              You can see that that is a 3X2 pulley, (close enough for Government work,) and a cheap and dirty die-cast one from Harbour Freight or Princess Auto would work JUST FINE and last as long as you care.
              If you are DETERMINED to get an OEM pulley, PM me and I will look up the part number.
              Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec