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  • Metric Thread Die Chaser Titaniumn

    My old Lathe does not have Metric Capability. I was wondering if anyone has used a Die Chaser in the Lathe to Produce Threads on Titaniumn Rod.? Just wondered if thread came out nice or not? I ended up with a commercially made Top End Oiler Device and the Design is quite poorly Done. The bolts holding the Oiler Block to the Head were all twisted to the Point of breaking? There wasnt much Material from the Through Hole to the outside of this Bolt Diameter whatsoever ..I figured since I needed New Ones I would make the Bolts from Titaniumn? I just want to use Titaniumn ,its probably a lot Stronger than the Anodized Aluminumn Bolts. Thanx Guys Mike

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    Easier to use regular steel if you really have to make those bolts. What size are they if they can't be bought?
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      Two thoughts based on talking to others (haven't done this myself)
      Titanium is not as easy to machine as other light metals - Al for example (although this will be grade dependent of course). I'm told that it can be tough and gummy to machine, so you may have problems depending on the rigidity of your set up, and
      Regardless whether you are single point turning or using a thread chaser, it still has to move at the correct rate relative to the work. If your lathe does not do metric threads it means chasing by hand. Will you be able to establish the correct travel rate (& depth) and do this consistently?



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        14 bye 1.25 Threads

        I am making some Cylinder Head Oiler Bolts, there are very thin sections between the oil through holes and the boly outer diameter. The super expensive ones are Junk twisted bye 110 degreres rotationally, I have a home made thread chaser holds Dies, I will have to order some amterial from DR Titaniumn and see how it goes., I was curious if a die would cut titianiumn easilly. Thankyou Mike