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  • milling vise

    Asked this question on practical machinist, will ask it also here. What would be a good 4" swivel based milling vise at a good price, and where would I find it?
    John l

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    I bought mine from Glacern and have been very satisfied with it.
    Byron Boucher
    Burnet, TX


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      I looked at their vises, and would like to have one, but I want a swivel base which they do not list for a 4 inch


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        Johnl not sure were you are located, but KBC tools carries them, plus Kurt vises.


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          I've got a 4" swivel-base Kurt that I bought in 1985. It's still in great shape.
          But they sure are expensive.

          Note that you can buy the vise and the base separately, and chances are good that you will hardly ever use the swivel base. Unless you KNOW, for sure, that you're going to use the swivel base for an immediate project, you might want to postpone buying the swivel base and just get the vise, then buy the base when a time comes that you actually need it.
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            I would also recommend the Glacern vise. If you are looking at 4" vises it probably means you have a small mill. If so a swivel base can eat up Z axis travel and causes a loss of rigidity. It is not that hard to angle a vise and clamp it directly to the table. I have a swivel base for my 6" vise that was in an auction lot I bought. I have had it for about 15 years and have never used it.
            Mark Hockett


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              The swivel base is an option.
              I ordered one when I ordered the vice and I like it also.

              I intend to mount a plate on the bottom that can be held in the 6" vice for quick and dirty/easy angular cuts. My 10" rotary table and 8" vice with swivel base both weigh about 200 lbs. Most of the things that I work on are small and the 4" is a lot easier to lift/handle.
              Byron Boucher
              Burnet, TX


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                I'll third the Glacern. I have the 4" and zero, zip, zilch regret on that purchase. Fantastic piece of gear. Yes they do sell a swivel base if you have to have one.


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                  I don't know what size mill you have - I bought their 5" vise and love it.
                  Esoteric Garage


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                    Odd situation to me anyway:

                    Yesterday i had an order of tooling picked up for me, i had in the order a 4in vise also, the guy phoned me, so when i tried to subsitute, all four of the 4in models they had in the catalog were backordered?
                    So i got the 6in at a good deal instead.
                    This was from KBC tools, the guy was exceptionally helpfull, and knowedgable, got great service from them.


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                      Got a 5" on swivel base as well but known as another make/brand.
                      Nice shallow jaws and i havent managed to break it as yet.

                      The underside casting could do with regrinding, mine runs out.
                      Its no Kurt and will wear in a few places constantly needing adjustment.


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                        A point to remember, most vise manufacturers including Kurt will not guarantee a vise's accuracy if it is used with a swivel table, even one made for it.
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                        Bluewater Model Engineering Society at


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                          These are Glacern GSV-550 5" Standard Vises with a swivel base,
                          an OEM handle and an aftermarket speed handle.
                          A 6" vise is too large for the intended application and a 4" is too small.
                          The 5" Kurt is/was no longer available new when I was shopping.

                          Here is the Glacern 5" on an 8-1/4" wide table. Only a small amount of
                          travel (3/8" - 1/2"?) is given up in the Y-axis

                          With the swivel base in place, Z-axis clearance is diminished. The tool
                          holding method has an influence on how much working room there is.



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                            ENCO has the 4" Kurt on sale and with the current 20% code (CSUMMER)it is:

                            Model# Qty. Availability Low Price Extended Price Delete
                            425-7640 In Stock $531.10 ea
                            $423.20 ea
                            Line 1. Manual Machine Vises Type: Anglock and Positive Locking Vise Jaw Width: 4.0000 In., 4 Jaw Height: 1-1/8 Jaw Opening: 3.8750 In., 3-7/8 Width: 4 Overall Length: 13.0400 In., 12-1/2 May we also suggest...
                            Merchandise Total: $529.00
                            You Save: $105.80
                            New Total: $423.20

                            Looks like free shipping.

                            I just bought the 6" version for:

                            Add Qty. Model No. Description Qty. Price Tax Ext. Price
                            TR425-7760 6" W 7 1/2" JAW CAPA KURT ANGLOCK PREC VISE 1 $327.20 Y $327.20
                            Sub Total $327.20
                            Shipping $.00
                            Tax $.00
                            P/S Total $.00

                            Seemed like a pretty good deal to me.


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                              I would love a Kurt, but a little too much money for the amount of use I would put it through. I went ahead with several peoples recomemdations here, and ordered a Glacern 4" vise. They do have a swivel base option, but said there was trouble with them at the moment and that they were out of stock. did not know when they would get them in. Anyway, the vise should be at my door next week. Thanks to everyone for you help.