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Vibration in Doringer cold saw

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  • Vibration in Doringer cold saw

    We have a Doringer D350 cold saw at the school.

    It's a wonderful machine, and a joy to use. We've had it for about two years, and it's seen a LOT of use with no problems at all. It's the 3-phase model with a two speed motor.

    The other day during a series of easy cuts, I noticed that the handle had just begun to vibrate slightly when the head was raised with the motor running. The frequency is the same as the motor, so I'm pretty sure it's not the blade. Changing the motor speed causes the vibration frequency to increase, just like you'd expect.

    The blade runs true and there are no damaged teeth. The saw continues to run and cut in a completely normal manner. There are no unusual noises. The gearbox is full of oil, and it appears to be clear of debris. We've continued to use the saw as usual, and the vibration hasn't gone away or gotten worse.

    The sudden onset of the vibration is puzzling, and I'm looking for suggestions on how to find the source. Any ideas?
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    My best guess is you have a motor bearing or bearings beginning to fail. You may want to open it up before you have a total bearing failure which can cause further damage.

    If there is someone around with vibration detection equipment you may want to have them take a look, or just use a big screwdriver as a stethoscope.


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      Good idea. I'll see if I can borrow a stethoscope from the automotive guys. Is that the kind of tool you had in mind?
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        While I'm sure its possible the bearings are going, I would bet dollars to donuts its just something, somewhere, is loose.
        I would check the screws and nuts all over- like, for instance, the hinge assembly for the blade guard, the ball end on the quick lock lever on the vise, lock nuts on the vise if there are any, the bolts that hold the fence together, and so on.

        Mine sometimes vibrates kind of funny on large diameter solids, which is its way of telling me my blade is too fine- does this vibration happen with all sizes of material? As in, try cutting a piece of 1/8", and then a piece of solid 2", and see if it is exactly the same.

        Also, could be the blade is getting dull, or has a dinged tooth. In a school situation, I am sure somebody could have dropped it a bit hard on a workpiece once or twice...


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          Take the blade off, then you will know if its the blade or not.
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            The vibration can only be seen and felt when you lightly touch the handle with the saw in the raised position with the motor running. As soon as you grip the handle to make a cut, you can no longer feel it.

            The saw is so heavily constructed that I doubt the blade turning at 54RPM would shake anything, even if half the teeth were missing on one side.
            Any products mentioned in my posts have been endorsed by their manufacturer.


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              a lot of cold saws like kaltenbach etc use antvibration plugs in the blade, check if youve lost one