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Power Pack Troubles

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  • KEJR
    It would help if there was a diagram for the motor and if you could describe the switch a little better. The Switch could be as simple as a double pole job where they simply switch both phase lines such as for a 230V application.

    Is the switch something you wired up, or did it come with the new powerPac motor/pump that you bought?

    Is the unit currently hooked up to 230V or to 120V?


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  • madman
    started a topic Power Pack Troubles

    Power Pack Troubles

    Well my homemade 50 Ton Press has suffered some elctrical setbacks due to I believe simple Stupidity. (mine of course) I had a older german Hydraulic Unit and it has given up the Ghost, I had it wired up and it worked then eventually only put out 20 pounds pressure??? I bought a new (yuch Chinese) princess auto power pack and now ive blown the fuse about ??HMMM let me count roughly 9 to 10 times. At one point it started up ran for 3 seconds before blowing the fuse again??? I am going to start anew, I need to ask for Help once again as My electrical is quite poor, Amazingly enough ive managed to not get electrocuted with my VFD and other projects in the Home Shop.. !! It is a 120 220 volt motor with the Following wire identification,, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, ,,, T8. The switch has 4 wires and is a simple toggle switch, I am wondering if I should run it at 220 volts or stick to 120 volts ?? What hurts less if you get a shock ?? HA HA HA ZI do know the 120 volt gives a mighty decent zing right to the shoulder ,smarts too. Anyhow any help is appreciated as Im Jonesing to try out my homemade press and all the dies i made for it and bend stuff Thanx Guys again Mike