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Arca Swiss Camera Mounting Plate Dimensions?

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  • Arca Swiss Camera Mounting Plate Dimensions?

    I recently scored an Arca Swiss Monoball tripod head at a garage sale for very cheap ($5). It does not have a mounting plate. These are expensive to buy (at least much more than the price of some scrap aluminum), but should be cheap and easy to make.

    Since I have the ball-head, I could make something that would work, but would prefer to make mounting plates that match the standard dimensions for such things so it would be sure to fit other heads.

    With some searching I found the following images:

    The question: What is the width of the dovetail? The drawing that gives the dimensions does not provide enough information. I'm not sure how dovetails should be specified. Maybe a width at a certain height (possibly at zero height).

    Does anybody here have a real Arca-Swiss version of one of these plates and be willing to measure it? Also are the dimensions given in the diagram correct?

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    Did you check prices on Acratech brand ( )? They make a very nice copy of Arca Swiss. I bought my plates directly from them about 10 years ago. But you can buy them now on Amazon, B&H, etc.

    Here is one example:

    The only plate I have in front of me now is the one attached to my Canon camera.

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