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Keyway cutters for a shaper?

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  • Keyway cutters for a shaper?

    What does a proper cutter look like? Especially for smaller bores (1/2in)? I bought the 7in Rhodes thinking that is one of the things it can do best. Anyone have a good site to show how to make keyway cutters? Thanks,Bob.

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    i made one by bending a inserted tip [1/4"] boring bar on the anvil, the tip was ground like a parting tool to the key size plus a couple of tenths and the clapper was locked, i put a bolster plate behind the pulley [just a bit of old 1/2" plate with a hole burnt through it, short stroke plenty of soluble oil with a garden spray gun, worked a treat.
    at home i have the luxury of a cinny toolmaster with a vertical slotting head on the back, just swing round and slot away, and to think they threw it out in work for lack of use, half the time i bring the work home as its less hassle, and they pay me+ give me TOIL so its a win win
    the one at the bottom, you just make a square bar with a hole for the boring bar to sit in but i was too lazy and the gas axe and anvil were closer! remember to lock the clapper and run slow
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