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  • PVC and CPVC

    It is a moot point for me now as I have found another way to do it, but,

    Can you glue PVC and CPVC pipe together? I mean, will it work? Will it hold?

    If so, which adheasive would you use, the PVC one, the CPVC one, or the universal one?

    Inquiring minds want to know. At least mine does.
    Paul A.
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    Make it fit.
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    Have not tried it, so this is a guess, but I see no reason why it shouldn't work. I'd probably go a bit redneck here and use the solvent that smelled the worst. I would expect that to be the cpvc solvent cement. I think it's very unlikely that it wouldn't 'activate' pvc well enough to create a strong bond with cpvc.

    At times when I'm bonding pvc with pvc, I've found that pvc/abs cement seems to work better than pvc cement.
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      I think you will find the glue will work, but the fitting will not fit unless you are making you own. CPVC is slightly smaller insize and doesn't fit on PVC. You can buy a universal glue that does CPVC,PCV.