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OT - Need e-mail program. Recommendations?

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  • OT - Need e-mail program. Recommendations?

    I have a new Windows 7 computer. Instead of a stand-alone e-mail program it has Windows Live. I don't care for it and would prefer something similar to Outlook Express.

    What do you use and how can it be obtained?

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    Thunderbird. Over the net and free.


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      Gmail, never have to send out change of email address notices again!


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        I use Windows Live Mail and like it. I did change the Message Pane to single line though. There's a bug when using two-line in the Sent Folder--It doesn't show the recipient. Also, I have a wide screen and that helps with Live Mail. I set up to receive all three of my email accounts with it. It takes getting used to the "ribbon" header but nearly all MS applications have gone to it. I just loaded Office 2010 and I'm finding my way around in it. Different than Word 2003 but I like the features.


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          I've got a gmail account that I access with Thunderbird. It saves having to log in to gmail yourself (just click "Get Mail" and it does), and IMO the user interface is a lot better. You can, if you're traveling, get at your email through a web browser by logging in to gmail.

          I think the newer versions of T'bird will self-configure for gmail but if not there are instructions on the gmail website, somewhere. I use the POP3 protocol instead of IMAP. I download the messages to my PC and delete them from the gmail server, but that's just my personal preference.
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            I too am a g-mail user and prefer it over any of the other options.


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              Originally posted by Steelmaster
              Gmail, never have to send out change of email address notices again!

              Second that and if you have multiple accounts they can be forwarded though to you IP mail address so they all show up in one browser. G-mail also has a really good spam filter. Best of all it's free.
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                +1 to Thunderbird, Gmail

                Never use a service providers email if you can help it.
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                  I've been using the Magic Mail that's provided by my ISP for seven years. Works for me.
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                    I downloaded Thunderbird a few months ago, tried it, it sucked.

                    I use the email client incorporated in the Opera browser, pretty good, not perfect, better than Outlook in many ways. But I haven't used the newer versions of Outlook or Windows Live/Windows 7 so I can't compare.

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                      I use Thunderbird with 7 email accounts. It automatically retrieves, filters, tags and sorts my email how I want it.

                      Data is stored in a format that allows me to get at it from other tools (I'm nerdy that way.) and it doesn't slow down based on how much it's storing.

                      It's also got rather a significant number of plug-ins and add ons.

                      I can't imagine what more I'd want an email client to do.
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                        I used Tbird for years, still do at home.
                        I found that when you get a lot of stored messages - I had about 8 years worth - it gets flakey. I fought it for a year, then gave up when I lost a bunch of business emails that were important.
                        Right now I'm stuck with Outlook because the company email requires it, but it sucks pretty badly, and the data storage limitation is much smaller than Tbird.


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                          Thank you for your recommendations. To all who replied, I appreciate your efforts in lending a helping hand.

                          I downloaded Thunderbird and it seems to answer my needs. After the learning curve is behind me I'll decide whether it's a keeper.

                          Best regards,

                          So many projects. So little time.


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                            Thunderbird for me
                            Had a glitch or two but got them sorted.
                            Always restart after an upgrade.

                            Otherwise it is simple , neat , no frills , no junk ads