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    When I wring gage blocks I let them sit on the plate for about ten minutes or so. It is neat to put the electronic Gage on the stack and see the numbers rise from the heat of your hand. I think I need a life...


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      Long Island Indicator Service has an informative web page. They indicate that the movements in a .001 and .0005 indicator are the same. Only the faces are changed.
      As long as one is helping the sheep through the fence, and not using that as an excuse to sneak up behind them, the sheep are probably appreciative. Mike


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        you can have my wife, Thrud....oops you said "life" not "wife", mistake..



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          I have both a .001 and a .0001 indicator for my personal use, Techloc both of them. Have those Starrett last word things at school, and the last word is they are somewhat worthless, my Techlocs in the school shop kick them to heck and back in durability, constant repeatibility, and relative lack of maintenence overall.
          I love my home Techlocs, but also just ordered a Brown and Sharpe .0005 indicator for myself.

          Rookies should look at the Brown and Sharpe .0005 indicator.

          The open front to the jeweling on the last words is good if you are the only one using it, but in use by others, this becomes a cleanliness issue between users.

          This is an opinion shared by many I know.

          I am all but sold on the Brown and Sharpe .0005 indicators, got two this year for the shop. Also just love the Mityyoyo .0001 indicators, they are bombproof.

          Mityyoyo Calipers are the cats tail(edited this before posting). They are also bombproof. Buy these. Brown and Sharpe are the same quality rating, buy if you can afford them.

          Here is an idea, while buying indicators, get yourself one of those Mighty Mag little magnetic indicator holders, and a fair to middlin 0-1" Travel dial indicator. Say Techloc brand or something. A Brown and sharpe .0005 indicator, and a Mighty mag and 0-1" indicator are just the ticket for turning. The mighty mag will work for fussy length turning on your lathe - mag it to the side of the ways, indicating in work to .001 in a chuck - you just can't imagine the uses. One of the most underrated tools I have bought, the most used indicator for on machine use I have.
          CCBW, MAH