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Spindle oil loss rate - SB9 (cast iron bearing)

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  • Spindle oil loss rate - SB9 (cast iron bearing)

    How much oil loss is normal for these? I was getting 2-3 drops down BOTH sides of the headstock per hour of run time. Now, only the small end leaks any oil and the resevoir on the large end stays full. Wicks are in ok shape and fully soaked with oil. I have removed the spindle several times and both ends of the spindle have a good oil film on them, no heat buildup or noise, bearing play is within spec.

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    I have the same lathe in the cabinet model and get very little running out. I aways check the cups each time I use it and give it a squirt to keep it topped off but no noticeable leaking...



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      My SB 9A is like yours, i.e. the small end leaks a bit. I just wipe it up and keep it full.

      My complacency might come from those years of riding a '71 Triumph. At least the SB doesn't spray oil my pants leg.

      Tom - Spotsylvania, VA


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        I call oil leaks 'Chassis lubrication systems'. It sounds so much better then 'oil leak'
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          A few drops per hour is perfectly normal. The lubrication schedule for the spindle reservoirs is "daily".
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            Think the back bearing has a smaller lip on it , where as the front one has a larger deeper lip the front oil gets recycled and drains back ..whilst the rear..the lip is barely large enough to contain the overspill.

            may even be designed like that so overspill gets into rear ball bearing and fiber washer

            all the best.markj


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              Thanks all.

              Well I guess it is nothing to worry about. I still don't understand why the leakage suddenly stopped on the large end. Maybe the bench level changed?