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100 years old machine video

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  • 100 years old machine video

    Yep . cutting .375 cut with high speed tool bit ,just for your viewing pleasure

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    Thats a nice sound!


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      That's nice,this spinning lathe you built is even nicer-
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        Originally posted by wierdscience
        That's nice,this spinning lathe you built is even nicer-
        Yeah, I'll say!
        Don't hold out on us, give us some details on the real story here.
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          Neat! Is it just an illusion, or is the cutting tool moving? Is it on a gooseneck?
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            I think it is the guy holding the camera that is moving. Gary P. Hansen
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              The tool over hang a bit ,The carriage where the head of the lathe is was raise to 6 inches to take big part so when we work close to the chuck the tool have to be longer to reach ,so it is very possible that the tools deflect a bit .

              that piece was made for the Government of transport ,it just a ring for a man hole cover ,a very old and ode size that could not be fund

              Thanks for the spinning lathe comment that was done by my 20 years old sun ,I am one lucky father to be able to work with them an appreciate every hours

              I was busy building this one

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