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    I intend to build a propane fired furnace burner. My question is this: Aside from thread fitting issues, will any gas regulator work with any gas? (I'm aware of the cautions to be observed w/Oxygen reg's). More Specifically, can I use an Acetylene welding regulator if I can adapt the fittings.
    Thnx for your inputs.
    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)

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    Most regulators are suitable for use on air, nat gas, or propane (and sometimes even water in a pinch). Although, you may not get the desired range from that acetylene regulator. That FISHER type 67 regulator that is found on many propane tanks is actually an adapted air supply regulator. If you are using a Reil type of burner (or something similar) you may want a regulator range in the 30 - 60 PSI area.