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  • My search for a QCTP
    Please open the link above. Scroll down to the sizing chart to under stand what the hell I'm talking about.

    I have decided to get my self a QCTP. I know some consider it a luxury, but its a luxury I'm willing to pop on.

    I have been told that my lathe (Enco 13x40) uses a BXA size. However the Aloris sizing chart and my dims. have me confused.

    The BXA chart has these sizes.

    A: 3.000"
    B: 4.625"
    C: 2.750"
    D: 0.625"
    E: 1.625"

    My compound measures:
    A: 1.125"
    B: 2.000"
    C: 1.250"
    D: 0.250"
    E: 0.050"

    Now do I have a way to large compound? Or am I really mising something?
    I am not in love with the compound that I have, ist reason is the lack of an engraved scale, the damn thing was painted on and a few years of cleaning have wiped it out. I can figure out the scale but being able to look down and know its set would be REAL nice. As always let me know your thoughts. Keith

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    My compound measures:
    A: 1.125"

    Surely you must have an error here. That is only 1 and 1/8 inches
    from the spindle center to the top of the compound.


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      Just ran out to the shop to double check and yep that measurement it correct. I'll post pics as soon as I get a photobucket account. Keith


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        Hope this works. Keith


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          BXA will fit. Top of tool to bottom of holder is about 1.05 on most of mine. I have a 14x40 with about 1.375 from compound to center. AXA is really too small. Will easily fit but not really heavy enough for a mid-sized lathe.


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            AXA is just too light to go on there, it will limit the size of tools you can use. BXA is the size for a 13".

            Or a E size multifix.


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              I put a BXA size on my 13 x 40, no problem.
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                weird A measurements listed, those are clearly wrong. I'll measure my lathe with BXA.

                My 12x36" lathe A is 1.125" as well. BXA fits but its at the very bottom of its adjustment range with 5/8" tools. Really recommend BXA over any other size for a 13x40

                (It still takes smaller tools, the bottom of adjustment range is used for the largest tool that will fit the holder, in this case 5/8" for BXA)
                Large tools (or large toolposts like CXA) can be made to fit by milling the tool holder, Most cheap chinese toolholders are not hardened and hence easy to machine. But this is extra work, and BXA is a good fit, You can mill the odd BXA holder to fit a large tool if needed. You'd have to mill *every* CXA holder to make CXA fit.

                Basicly, CXA and AXA would only be put on a lathe this size if you allready had another lathe using that size and had a lot of tools/holders for it allready.

                Btw, you basicly allways have to machine the half nut to fit your lathe, So don't worry about any of the other measurements.
                PS: Enco usally has the phase II wedge style toolpost on for sale for very cheap, And they are considered higher end chinese tooling (phase II) for hobbyists, So good value for the money. Aloris is likey better yes, but HUGE incress in price.
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                  The t slot sizes do not matter . You have to machine the block that comes with it are make another any way. The only dimension that does matter is the height from the top of the compound to the center line of the spindle. My 13 x 40 measures 1 1/2 inches.I use a BXA on mine.
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                    New is nice, but remember that Aloris posts (and holders) come up on the second hand market occasionally. The posts are solid enough that any damage is mainly cosmetic.
                    As for the BXA vs. AXA question, I'd go for the bigger version where ever possible as it is more versatile and more solid. A little precision angle grinder work can remove holder dovetails if there is a height problem (as there was on my first lathe, although the QCTP was a Shar's version)



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                      I have Jet GHB1340A lathe (probably very similar to your Enco) and am using a CXA QCTP on it. It seems a little large for my compound, but works well. I have always been able to center my tools with out shaving the tool holders.