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  • Looking for V belts

    I am trying to find replacement for table saw V - belts and so far no luck at all. It looks like 6 1/2" long measured inside and the width is 3/8" - not sure about that one.

    Do you have a source for not typical V belts? Please, advise.


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    I believe you are looking for "B" V-belt. The length measurement should be made on the outside (wide) part of belt. If you don't have the old belt, I would measure the two pulley diameters (again, using the outside of the pulley) and the distance between the two centerlines of the shafts that the pulleys sit on. The calc for belt length is easily done here:

    Once you have that info a search for the belt should be easy using google or similar search for a vbelt using B-"length" in your search. I prefer the BX-length myself. This is a notched or cogged belt that works quieter on smaller diameter pulleys.

    Edit: Here's another site that may of use to you:

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      Could it be a Z-profile belt? Not too sure about the dimesions, too lazy to convert to metric and look it up...

      I could tell you where I go for belts, but it would probably not be of use to you. Go to an industrial supply house and have them order what you need.


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        Thank you, gentlemen, I will put your knowledge in good use


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          Go with the "LINK-BELT" type i think they do have the smaller 3/8 size.

          Good belts, tough and easy to install.


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            Don't know whether you've checked Grainger or not but they have belts in inch and metric sizes and their catalog has a good selection and other technical info on them. I believe they also have the linked belts as well.


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              I have used the "link" type belts on my drillpress, table saw and jointer. The only reason I would go back to a "V" belt is inability to buy the "link" belts. They run smoother, especially compared to a "V" belt that hasn't been run for awhile. Grainger sells it in the 5 foot length, others sell it by the foot.


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                I think "LINK-BELTS" will eventually make standard "V" belts obsolete, they may not take the place of "MATCHED" belts in a double or triple drive etc, but in a single drive they cannot be beat in my estimation.
                Many of the large wide ones Are now used as fan belts on big equipment.


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                  Here you go-

                  I just need one more tool,just one!


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                    I've used multiple link belts on a couple of machines now, and find that they match for length quite well. The major drawback is cost, but one other thing- on a table saw you may raise the blade height to the point where the belt starts rubbing on the bottom of the table. The link belt may require more clearance room. On my saw, I lost about 3/16 inch of blade height capability. A small price to pay in my case, but something to be aware of if you do need the full height.

                    I'm another who won't go back to V belts after using link belts- unless circumstances dictate otherwise. Cost and availability are the biggies.
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                      Based on the 6-1/2" inside of the belt and those belts being 7/32" tall cross section, I calculate you need a belt somewhere in the 7.5" to 8" range.

                      The shortest belt I see in Weird's link is 11".

                      How about going to the saw manufacturer (if they're still around, that is)?
                      As a last resort you could try a thick o-ring, but it might not transmit enough torque for a saw.
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