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Weee! got my bike back togethor.

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  • Weee! got my bike back togethor.

    Yay. After a striped thread (Made my own M6 insert outta a M10 bolt), fixed 2 chains tension (needed shims), installed larger main jet (Had a restrictor plate in the intake to compensate before, bought bigger jets.. managed to cut most of the plate away.. bought bigger jets AGAIN, removed plate :P), replaced a muffler bracket with a solid aluminum one I made (used to mount engine to bike frame), just because I could.. and it was eating my paint job through the rubber innertube spacer beween the bike and motor. My motorbicycle is back and running! 0.97mm jet! stock is 0.70mm!! Serious reduction in intake restriction! (Installed new jumbo air filter before the restrictor plate was needed.)

    Scuffed up the paint on the motor (*shakes fist at evan* you said this paint was durable! It is a damn nice shade of blue however) during the maintence however.. but now.. damn....
    in 1st gear.. I have a driveway thats about 100' long, curved just enough that you can't see the end from the start due to tight bushs on either side. About what you would expect of a curve on a 100kph/60mph hiway.

    It feels like its losing control on the gravel at WOT in 1st gear along the slight curve... And its leaving ruts in the driveway from accelerating Reasonabley knobby tires too. Real fun riding that thing so light its like riding a tiger, hold on or it will run out from under you and leave you behind!!
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    So what kind of bike is it? what about pics?


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      It's a moped
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        .. and not to be confused with Italian mopeds

        So... pictures, or it didn't happen!