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  • Burnerd collet chuck

    Just bought a Chipmaster lathe on fleabay and it came with a Burnerd collet chuck fitted with a single MC6 collet (1/2" to 5/8"). The chuck is about 6 1/2" diameter but I don't know what type it is - similar to KC15 in modern-speak I guess? Now I can get MC collets from fleabay OK but I can't get a chuck key unfortunately!
    1) Can I use later EC collets in this chuck?
    2) What is part number of this chuck?
    3) The chuck key needs a 7/16" guide pin, 12 teeth, 1" diameter
    - Would a Jacobs k5 key work?
    - Would key from more modern KC15 chuck work?

    Any ideas?

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    I have had a couple of Pratt Burnerd collet chucks over the years. The part number is etched onto flat face of the front ring of the chuck (next to the front face of the collet). The etching is faint even when new and this is the place that tends to get scuffed up in use - if you look with a magnifying glass you still be able to read it.

    In case you haven't already looked, the PB web site is

    Rgds. Ian


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      Originally posted by tony.pattison
      ...Burnerd collet chuck fitted with a single MC6 collet ...similar to KC15 in modern-speak I guess?
      I do not know for sure, but I think the EC and MC are NOT interchangable. My reasoning for this is that the EC collets come in a set of 12; the MC in a set of less than 12. Search for Burnerd or Burnard on the 'bay for examples.

      Try Rotagrip in Birmingham for key. Also have a look on .


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        The MC series collets will fit in a KC15 chuck as well as the EC series. The earlier chucks had a smaller centre hole in the collet closing ring, so they will only take MC series collets. The price for a new chuck key is £75 in the UK, I use a Jacobs K5 chuck key, it isn't a perfect fit but it does the job. I have a KC15 chuck and use both MC and EC series collets in it. I also have a KC20 chuck which uses ED series collets, I use the Jacobs K5 key in that one also.



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          Hi Malc
          thanks for your input. I have a chuck key now and so that problem is solved.
          I have bought some more MC collets for the chuck and that has all worked out well.