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re-assembly Jacobs chuck what lube?

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  • re-assembly Jacobs chuck what lube?

    What's your preferred lubricant? Item in question Jacobs 14N super chuck. Oil, grease, synthetic grease? Graphite ?


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    Assembly Lube

    I like chainsaw chain lube for things like that. It's good lubrication that stays in place.
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      I have a tub of that Bison chuck grease that I use. That stuff is a high-pressure lubricant---which I figure is just as appropriate for what amounts to a thrust bearing in the Jacobs chucks. It has worked well for me. I used to use Phil's waterproof grease ( simply because I always have it around for the bicycles I work on. I didn't like it so much in a drill chuck, though. It was too thin for the application--tended to fling out some. The Bison/Toolmex stuff* has been way better. No complaints in either the Jacobs or Albrecht chucks I've used it on.

      * My little tub lists: 7-799-025 Chuck Grease for Bison Manual Chucks "FUCHS" Grease .55, SM GLEITMO 805 ... who knows what half of that means!
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        Bike chain lube would probably be good, being a no-fling and crud-excluding compound. Ever oil a chuck to make it work again, then spin it up? I did that with my oldest one on the drill press. Lubed it from the top, let is soak in, lubed again. I had a rag below it to catch the dripping, and shielded myself with the rag when I fired it up. It blew out alright. But now it works again. If I would have taken it apart, I'd have used the chain lube on it.
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          I used the moly lube that comes with ARP bolts. I use that stuff for everything and haven't had to buy a container yet. Works very well under high loads, stays in place, and sucks back in with gears, doesn't get pushed to the side like some grease. Also works great for installing o-rings and seals.


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            Be careful when greasing an Albright or similar keyless. Do not grease the jaws or cone the jaws slide against. The chuck will not stay tight very well. It will grip fine, but it will feel funny to use.


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              I use no. 2 Lithium sparingly.