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Ahhh, Summer cleaning.

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  • Ahhh, Summer cleaning.

    Isent it nice to clean up now and again? Sweep out the dust, throw out the trash, Put everything back where it should be.

    Makes everything so much nicer and everyone more productive. Even makes you feel better inside. And then you can get back to productive work, Insted of being discouraged/delayed by all the debrie in your way.

    Its not a fun job by any means, But it must be done now and again or madness will result. Keep the home shop clean!
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    I always try to clean up and put tools away after a job,(not always, but most times,) And yup, sometimes ya just gotta go at everything, a good cleaning, yup get rid of any cob webs,, I found it makes it easiest to get a big clean up done if i slip in a good CD and crank it up!!!


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      I'm too triflin' or lazy to clean up AFTER a project but I will do it BEFORE I start a new project. I can always find energy to clean up when I'm all fired up starting something new. When I was working in the mills that attitude wasn't allowed so I still get a little kick out of just walking away and leaving the mess.
      No spring cleaning for me. Unless I just really want to do it and the kids would have me in for head check if they saw that happen.

      Also the things made in my shop are "projects" not "jobs"!! A "job" sounds like work and I don't do that any more. I really wouldn't ever take money something I did in the shop if it could avoided. It would just take the fun out it.


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        Just happened to do mine this past Sat & Sun including wet moping the floor with a good old fashioned string mop.

        BTW, a lawn & leaf blower sure helps get under & behind "stuff".


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          I clean up every day. After doing it every day in the service for four years, it has just become a habit. I can look into my work area and see that it is ready for me to start working. I don't like starting the day having to look for anything in a pile of stuff.


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            Ahh! so looks like everyone else has done thier summer cleaning too!

            We should all be much more productive now without the distractions of all that junk laying around, And all those Tools in the way.
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              I keep the shop orderly year round and once or twice a year I use a leaf blower to blow the dirt I couldn't get at out the door.
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                Hey speaking of cleaning, what do you guys clean your floors with - cleaning solutions I'm talking about. In my days of mechanics we had a white powder, at least I remember it being white, that when sprayed with water would turn very bright green - almost fluorescent looking green. Anyway, from there a good scrub with hard bristle brooms or if you were lucky to own an old floor mopping machine with a wire bristle head and your floors cleaned up nice! just hose it off and squeegee them out the door I can't find that stuff anymore and it sure took care of the oils and greases embedded in a concrete floor.

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                  I just have a handy 1 gallon vacuum I keep under my lathe for removing pesky, annoying swaff, Dirt, debrie, And other undesirables.

                  I don't really get oil on the floor to have to clean up... Kinda anal about that.
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