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Evan, any progress on the telescope?

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  • Evan, any progress on the telescope?

    Title says it all.

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    Photo's of night sky.

    Originally posted by Forrest Addy
    Title says it all.
    I'm sure from the workmanship and effort that he has put into this project that we will eventually see some very professional shots of the night sky .

    Thats assuming that the weather and other factors are kind to him.



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      The weather has been the worst in decades. So far since I finished the scope there have been three nights that were somewhat clear enough to do some testing and calibration of the drive and optics. We still do not have summer weather. We have been under nearly continuous cloud cover. There has not been a single day in the last 4 months that has been clear all day or all night. We reached the full year's average rainfall a couple of months ago and so far in July we have exceeded the average precip for July by a factor of about 5 times. It even included measurable snow.

      The weather patterns on the entire west coast of North America have been very unusual this year. It is having a serious negative effect on fish and seabird species along the entire coast because the ocean surface is much warmer than usual. This is causing much more rain as the evaporation rate is much higher. The weather pattern has shifted such that our weather is coming down from Alaska instead of up from the Pacific High that normally exists this time of year.

      As I write this it is light enough to see that we have another cloudy day following another cloudy night. The forecast is for some rain every day for the next week and the long range 14 day projection is for more of the same.
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        Forest, does that answer your question?

        Seriously Evan, you ought to leave that God-foresaken place and head for the NorthEast. The Buffalo/Rochester area is great this time of year and lots of wide open spaces. Bring your shop if you come.
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        Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

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          Originally posted by Evan
          The weather has been the worst in decades.

          Same thing down here. I think I heard the most rain in 117 years.

          I did get my scope out last Saturday. Took it down to a public star party at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. They had an astronomy day and that night a star party for the public. They asked for volunteers to bring scopes down so I brought mine. Showed the ring nebula, mizar, some clusters, etc. The GOTO is great on this thing.


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            Same here - 62f and been pouring for the past two days. Only 3 days over 80 this year, and that was followed by a frontal change.

            It's all my fault - what idiot would try to paint the side of barn in June or July?


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              I still have decks to paint. They have to dry out first. It doesn't look promising. It rained last night. I had my dumpster dumped yesterday because I couldn't stomp it down any further. The garbage truck still left ruts in my driveway. This time of the year the driveway is normally as hard as concrete.
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                Same thing for the Princeton B.C. area and at the mine in north western B.C. I just worked 20 shifts in camp and 19 out of the 20 had rain. The shovel I was running was sinking up to 5' deep in some areas, I had mud stacked up over 8' high on either side of the tracks. Loaded trucks stuck everywhere. It was a very long 20 days. Now I've got to head back for another 14 and the weather reports for that area show the same conditions for the next little while anyway.



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                  I sure feel sorry for you guys. We are in the worst drought here since the 1950's, temps 100F+ for the last month and a half, grass is burnt to a crisp, very little rain, and what we have got is spotty. A lot of the cow herds have been sold off, and if we don't get a drastic change in the next month or two, most of the rest of them will have to go to market.


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                    The rain is having an economic impact here. Sawmills are shutting down because the loggers can't get into the bush and the mills are running out of logs. Three of my wife's customers have already shut down and there are more to come.
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                      The weather here has been sunny and wonderful, in case that helps.