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Portable Mini Welding Table

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  • Portable Mini Welding Table

    In between complaining about machine tools I was able to scrounge up enough material to put together this little portable welding table. Rolls out of the shop easily and stores outside very nicely.

    You can't really see it - but there is a "Swing Up" handle between the 2 front legs that make it very easy to steer through the clutter of my shop and outside to a neutral location - nothin Fancy - just functional

    It's 12" x 36" and 36" tall made out 3/4 plate

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    Very solid! Question: do you do most of your welding standing up? I ask because I prefer a sitting position (TIG) and those cross-bars would get in the way. Just looking at that thing, it looks heavy as hell A good thing!


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      Yep - standing up

      A good production shop table of course would have a proper seat attached to 1 of the legs that swings out. Of course that would promptly tip this little table over

      This is just some thing for all those little items that need welding


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        I made a similar table last year. I'm sure you will enjoy it. It's a game changer for those with limited space.


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          That looks like it will be VERY handy. While 12 inches seems narrow, it's amazing how many things you can balance on there safely.

          Good work.

          At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and extra parts.


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            !2" wide is probably good - Wide enough to work on - too narrow to pile crap on


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              Looks handy, and I love the thick top.

              I built a similar table a year or so back. Mine used a small (18" x 30" roughly) horizontal boring mill table for the top. Heavy cast iron top with t-slots for clamps and fixturing. But it has the same issue I suspect you will have with that one. It's narrow for it's top heavy (extreme in my case) construction, and could be easily tipped causing great damage or injury (more my problem than yours). The top on mine is over 3" thick and had to be placed on the heavy channel frame using a shop-crane, with 6" HD cast iron casters for mobility.
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                I like things that can be rolled to somewhere else.

                If that was mine, I'd drill fixture holes all over the top, and have some flip up thin cover plates for when I didn't want the holes.

                My welding table is my woodwork bench with a sheet steel top laid on it. But I TIG sitting too, so usually I set everything up, sit down, and shove everything a foot further away. Wouldn't do on your's !

                Careful if you're electric welding that you remember if you're grounding to the work or the table. To the table's fine, until you pick up the work to move it while you're welding.

                [PS There's a welding forum]
                Richard - SW London, UK, EU.


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                  Someday I want a welding table that is FLAT. Doesn't have to be huge. I have a couple pieces of 3/4x36x48" plate that I could weld to a shop-built frame underneath, and take the whole thing in to be Blanchard ground. But will I actually *do* that? Somehow I doubt it ..

                  I once brought home an L-3 faceplate. It was about 36" in diameter, a huge chunk of cast iron with machined slots. I was going to make a rotating welding table out of it. Now that sucker would have been flat! Wound up trading it away, sigh.

                  My first welding table was a piece of 3/8 x 28 x 30" plate I scrounged from the throwaway pile at the University of Washington back in the early '80s. I used it for a long time on top of a 55 gallon drum. I'd take the plate off the drum when I was done and lean it against a wall, and I'd turn the drum upside down. Every year or so I'd scrub the rust off the plate and hit it with some linseed oil. After awhile it stopped rusting anymore.

                  That is *still* my primary welding table about 30 years later! I've had (many) others but still to date it's amazing what I've made on that dumb little table.

                  Don't even listen to the nay-sayers, Mr. 12x36" table builder. That thing looks functional as can be to me.

                  I have a buddy who has welded a mile for every inch I've welded. His most-used table is a little triangle of steel plate with a piece of scrap welded to the back that he uses to catch the thing in a vise. He laughs at it and about it, but he keeps on using the thing.

                  It isn't the table, it's what you make on it. In the end, it's your skill that counts. All the welding machines will come and go but what will give you the best feeling is the skills you gain.



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                    I took the easy way out.


                    Fully adjustable, moves easily, and folds flat.
                    Even comes with FREE tools!


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                      Yes.. that is a very handy welding table.. also a great metal fabricators table.. My sand bag fits on top, I put 2x2 sockets on both ends.. thou mine is 1" slab the same size on top.

                      Very cool.

                      When you have several tables the same height, you can "spread" things like trailers, chassis and other fabrication projects on several of them.

                      Edit, found a picture of mine.. under that dogs ass..

                      That english wheel in "fabrication" is just in a 2x2 socket.
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                        Nice job,I figure a man that welds very much at all needs atleast four tables.One big monster 5x10',one 3x6',one like yours all the same height so they can be used together.

                        The fourth would be a tiny one to pop in the bench vise for quick jobs.Mine is 12x18x1/2" with a simple tang of 2x2" box tubing for a clamp projection on the bottom.It's good for 50% of the ten minute jobs that walk in around here.
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                          Originally posted by Highpower
                          I took the easy way out.


                          Fully adjustable, moves easily, and folds flat.
                          Even comes with FREE tools!
                          How do you like that table? I don't do a lot of welding, but when I need to weld something, I find myself trying to find a good surface to use. Any shortfalls?
                          Eric Sanders in Brighton, Michigan


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                            Originally posted by AiR_GuNNeR
                            How do you like that table? I don't do a lot of welding, but when I need to weld something, I find myself trying to find a good surface to use. Any shortfalls?
                            I looked at that table at the new Northern Tool in Austin, and although it's nicely made, and a good deal, I felt the top was pretty thin.

                            I ended up getting a 1/4" plate and mounting studs on the bottom to fit my ShopMate/Workmate folding table (which the bottom of that portable welding table was copied from).
                            "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did."


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                              The optimum phrase in my initial post would be "Materials I was able to scrounge up"

                              Sure I would have preferred a 24" x 48" table but with the weight of 3/4" plate that wouldn't be too portable unless you used heavy duty castors on all 4 legs. Again I'm not saying my simple design was the optimum - just what I was able to scrounge up and what was laying around the shop

                              I don't know if any of you have witnessed what full size 4' x 8' x 1" welding tables go for at auction but I was pretty surprised. Last one I saw I walked away when the bidding was over $500