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  • Oil spots or paint

    Thanks to all for all the great help on cleaning the oil spots. I used portland cement-Gunk-simple green. That's what I had on hand. It worked great!.

    Now what do you guys recomend? Should I go threw the effort of moving all of my tools and painting the floor? or just cleaning the spots once or twice a year. If the floor is painted will It really make that much of a difference or will it just be something to keep touching up? If you like the painting idea, what paint do you recomend?

    Thanks Bob

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    I offer no opinion on painting vs not painting. But if I were going to paint a concrete floor I would use a paint from Rustoleum that, as I recall has an epoxy type base. I haven't used it personally, but I've seen its performance on a driveway and under a carport. I was very impressed with its durability, even after several years of vehicle traffic. But I'd be sure to sprinkle some non-skid material (sand?) onto it before it dried. Otherwise you could have some serious slipping problems with the oil that attends any machining operations.
    Check it out at

    (I have no personal interest in Rustoleum, stock or otherwise.)
    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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      I agreed with Lynnl about the epoxy paint. They are very durable however they are quite expensive, but in the long run I think they are worth it. Be careful about which color you choose. A friend of mine color his garage floor black because he though it would be low maintenance. The place looks so dark he had to get more lighting.



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        Epoxy also tends to be flammable , i.e. solvent based.

        I used UGL Drylok latex floor paint, in Dover gray, and I like it fine. You can scratch it, but you can scratch epoxy, and its a FLOOR, anyhow.

        Painted right up to the furnace with it running. Works for me!