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  • Band saw guide

    Has anyone here built vertical band saw guides similar to these:

    I searched the Shop Made Tools thread, but could not come up with anything.



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    I didnt make these, only adapted them, but it sure did make a difference in my Chinese 16" wood band that I had modified for metal. Theyre simply the guides off one of the popular import 4x6 horizontal bands. Really an quick & easy process to adapt to the existing components -- if you can scrounge up the guides.

    And, yes, the fitting in the rollers isnt right - I corrected that by simply adding spacers to the bearings and bring them out to the edge of the teeth

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      Yup,but I don't have any pictures.Easy to make,but you'll need a mill.

      Mine were similar,but with a few changes in the bearings.I made sheet metal shields to fit close and cover the whole diameter of the bearing to help shed dust as much as possible.That helped the bearings last longer.

      Design the bottom guide first,it's the one that has to fit in close quarters.Top guide is in the wide open air.

      No sense in building a great deal of adjustment in the side guides,most wood and metal cutting blades are .025" thick,.050" eccentric in each bearing is plenty.

      I keep a syringe with a fine needle handy so when the bearings start feeling stiff they get a shot of ATF under the seals.
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        Thanks guys. I'll take a look at the prints for the guides on my horizontal that I built. My mill rebuild is almost finished, so this should be a priority after the "building season" is over.