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  • Brake master adapter

    This is the "build thread" for the part I was asking about last week. Please bear with me as I am gettting this done in the mornings before I head off to work, and I am traveling most weeks this month. but anyway here we go. Well not so much of a build thread as a tell me what I'm doing wrong thread.

    First up is a 3" chunk of 6061 that I have chucked up and have indicated. it was off .002" I figured it was as close as I was gonna get it co I take a very light clean up cut.
    [IMG][/IMG] Next up I face the edge to get it all nice and square. Looks like that saw did not cut it as square as I would have liked so I make another cut [IMG][/IMG] It looks like my tool was sitting below center, I'll be "borrowing" some shims from my feeler guages and bring it up to center. [IMG][/IMG] More to follow Keith

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    I cut a dimple in to get ready for the pilot drill, [IMG][/IMG]

    This hole will get opened up to a .500" hole when the job is complete you can view what this is all about here

    OK guys let me know what you think. Keith


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      I think this is what you call counterboring. it took me awhile to figure out how to hold the tool and get a clean accurate cut, I am happy with how it came out. I ran it deep, so I could face it down to spec. I got a bunch of the meat cut out where I need to turn it to a corner. (pics later) Keith


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        Manys the time I had to bore a little deeper to clean up the bottom and then it's easy to face it off so the depth is correct.

        The job is looking good 383 240Z.
        It's only ink and paper


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          Well my lovely wife is away for work tonight so I went off to the shop, and spent some more time on this project. Good news I got it done! and Here are the pics.

          Bad news is I think it was all for not. I was reading a dim chart for brake masters and I think I found one that will work without this adapter. oh well I know that this one will work and I already own the master. So I will be using the part. If nothing else I learned how to turn this part. I got better at turning to a dim, I learned how to use the boring bar, and I learned how to get a nice finish, and how DOC changes some things, and what a spring cut is. Not to bad for a single project.

          I hit all my dims within the tolerance I set for my self. +/- 0.005" I saw it marked on one of my vendors working drawing and figured if it is good enough for a critical suspension component its good enough for my little adapter. Well guys how does it look? Keith


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            More for the OP than anybody else...

            does this look like fun?

            There's a small block '72 floating around here also.

            Keep making the fun stuff, looks good. Best cars in the world to mess with. Sure makes you feel good when you can go into a nasty power slide, open the door, never take off the seatbelt, pat the rear tire and thank it.


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              that looks like a metric S#$% ton of fun. I have been toying with the idea of an Eaton M95 on a 250 Chevy sixer. I have done a few T-charged 2.8's a few 3.1L's Last supercharger I had was on a Firehawk GTU Mazda Rx-7 (second gen) that I scattered all over Nelson's Ledges. That car ended up a 350 Chevy 700R4 powered car with 26" tires and 4:11's on a welded diff. Killer street/strip car. A few vids of it ended up online, some kid in Texas saw it and liked it a whole lot more than I did. He wrote me a check and I said goodby to it. I'll have to dig up the build photos for the Datsun I have now. It's nothing to grand, Just a 580HP 383 stroker Chevy, with a 700r4, 12.50"x1.50" vented rotors and Outlaw 4000 calipers at each corner. Coil-overs on each corner with KYB's, Full adjustable suspension, I mean EVERYTHING can be tuned. 6 point cage. Mega-squirt DIY-EFI. I'm using a TPI induction for now, I know it is killing my topend power but it was paid for and the one I want is going to runme $4000. Keith