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  • gwilson: ellipsograph?


    I was watching an episode of Roy Underhill's Woodwright's Shop on my local PBS station yesterday and one of his guests was showing how to do some inlay work. His guest used an ellipsograph and credited it to "George Wilson". I'm assuming that is you - is that correct?

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    Yes,that was made for the Anthony Hay Cabinet shop in Williamsburg. They were making a repro of the Seaton tool chest,with the large oval inlays. I have some pictures I could post. I haven't yet figured out how to post more than 1 image per post,though.


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      An easy way to post multiple images is with these guys........

      No account is needed, just post as you go. When you "preview" all the pictures come up loud and clear.

      You search your computer for the file, upload to Imageshack and left click on the "forum code" right click to "copy", then right click in your post to "paste" in the appropriate location. Same action used to post your knurl link in that other thread.

      Thank-you for all your great inspiration.