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  • OT - Blind Spot

    I have a blind spot. Put anything in a bag, and it might as well be hidden on the far side of the moon. I can't find it. My wife brought home medications from the drugstore. I couldn't find anywhere so went to store. She had picked up. 12 hours later they were on the bed in plain sight! Today it is a couple hose clamps in a bag. Oh well if they don't show up, can always buy more . . .

    Am I the only one who has problems like this??
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    Yes, I take things out of the bags when I get home, So I don't have that problem..
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      Not yet, I don't think so anyway.

      I have wandered around wondering what am I here after though.
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        This is one of the benefits of getting older- you forget what's in the bags, then you 'discover' something when you find it. It's almost like getting something free, except that you probably went out and bought it again and now you have two-

        I saw my dad do that a few weeks ago. He wanted to pick up some onions and potatoes, so ok we go shopping. Gets his stuff, we get home. He tells me where he wants me to put it- lo and behold there's the same bag with the same stuff in it that he just bought.

        Sigh- as I look around, I see all these bags, and there's things in them. I look in one- hey cool! Something I wanted, and here it is! I do have times when I look for something that I know I have and can't find it. Then maybe next day or two later, there it is right in plain view. The thought has actually crossed my mind that someone has moved it and then put it back- but it's only me here now. That someone is walking around in my shoes-
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          Yeah, I got a bit of a 'blind spot' too -- but mine manifests itself in a slightly different way, if I drop something on the shop floor, its gone, poof, disappeared, vanished.... I think if I dropped a 12" crescent wrench, it would get in my 'blind spot'
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            Had that happen tonight. I am in the process of making a trio of lawn mower spindles...little 3/4 inch shaft with a woodruff key on one end and threaded on each end. A round steel disc screws onto one end of each of them and the blade butts up against it and is held in place with a 7/16 bolt. Well, I made three of the discs and was doing some grooving on them to match the factory one and be damned if I can find the third one. I HAD it in my grubby little paw only minutes previous and now I can't find it anywheres!
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              I don't think that's a "blind spot" when you drop something on the floor. It's an alternate universe, connected to our's by a black hole.

              My blind spot is the refrigerator. I keep finding things in there that I bought two years ago.
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                What bag?


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                  It's really bad with me. There is even a name for it. It's called Visual Form Agnosia, the inability to recognize objects for what they are even when looking right at them. For me it applies to the object I am trying to find but nothing else. Somehow the item I am concentrating on becomes invisible. I find all sort of other items while looking for the one I want but the item I want is effectively gone.

                  Then there are items that have disappeared forever with no reasonable explanation. I once bought a rechargeable drill and after charging the batteries I didn't use it much for a few weeks. Maybe a month later it needed recharging but the charger had vanished. I couldn't recall moving it anywhere and it's just me and the wife here. I have never found it. I ended up buying another drill with the same charger.

                  Incidentally, if you have trouble recognizing people's faces then you are much more likely to have this problem. I can't remember anyone by face, never have been able to. It is primarily a male thing and is influenced by hormones. There is a tiny part of the brain that is responsible for face recognition. It lies in an area called the Amygdala. This type of agnosia is called prosopagnosia and may be caused by damage to the brain,

                  However, brain damage causes very specific types of agnosia but not the type where you can't seem to find an object or can't remember faces. Those are in the class of developmental agnosia and are present from birth. The cause is unknown but it seems to have an inheritable aspect as it runs in families. It is guessed that exposure to higher than normal amounts of testosterone in the womb may be involved.

                  The types of agnosia that are caused by brain damage are the inability to identify objects when seen even though the person knows what the object is used for. Facial agnosia from brain damage may result in the inability to even identify a face as a face.
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                    Originally posted by Bill Pace
                    Yeah, I got a bit of a 'blind spot' too -- but mine manifests itself in a slightly different way, if I drop something on the shop floor, its gone, poof, disappeared, vanished.... I think if I dropped a 12" crescent wrench, it would get in my 'blind spot'
                    Bill, I have had the same problem and have spent many hours on hands and knees looking for things, some very expensive and requiring excessive delays to replace. I have literally spent an hour or more looking for a part that is less than 1/16" in it's LARGEST dimension when a $50,000 machine would not work without it.

                    Check out my article, "A Dropped Part Finder" in the latest Machinist's Workshop (Aug/Sep 2011 issue). I find it really helps with small parts. As for 12" crescent wrenches, they are a lot harder to find and I can offer no help there yet. You are on your own there.

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                      I was drilling a part in the drill press one day, and I dropped it. I saw a puff of something go past my knee and I figured it was the part. I looked for maybe ten minutes, then started to backtrack mentally. I saw it fall, I saw it move to the left, past my leg. It has to be there. Looked some more, no part. Ok, time to sweep the floor, sift through the debris- no part.

                      The drill press is on a rolling table with the second press. By now I've cleaned off the table and sifted through all that. I roll the table out, clean behind it, under it, and I've taken up the rubber mats. I'm starting to contemplate making a new part, but I've got an hour into it- plus a half hour now looking for it. I even checked my pockets in case it somehow bounced off some clothing and went in there.

                      Meanwhile, I've started looking in places I've looked before- it wasn't there before, why should it be there now- but there it was. A nice shiny brass part standing out from the rest. And then I went to use it, and it didn't work out. I tossed it in the garbage.
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                        Hi all.

                        Personally, I'm fairly convinced that it's pixies. Either that or I have a michevious ghost in my shed.

                        A few days ago I was cleaning and adjusting my mill. Finally snugging up the gibs with the usual spanner and allen key combination.

                        I put down the spanner/allen key combination to grab a mouthful of coffee and when i turned around to continue, the allen key was gone.

                        I checked the bench, nothing. checked the floor around and under the bench, still nothing.

                        Finally, I found the key...

                        UNDER the base of my mill

                        Now, that would have been okay, BUT for the fact I have covers on my ways and I would have had to have dropped the key HORIZONTALLY for it to have stood a chance of getting in there.

                        THEN, Just three days ago, I went out into the shed to do a little tinkering and couldn't find my glasses (Reading / close work glasses with built in side protectors)

                        As I KNOW I have a habit of "putting things down instead of away" I searched the shed for a full hour.

                        Did I find my glasses. Yeah, right. They might as well have been on Mars.

                        Then yesterday I went out to grab a screwdriver and the first thing I see, sitting on the bench, laughing at me are my glasses in plain sight, right where I left 'em.

                        I despair, I really do.

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                          Originally posted by Paul Alciatore
                          Bill, I have had the same problem and have spent many hours on hands and knees looking for things.

                          Shop floors should be solid colors and close to white.
                          I don't have this problem, mind you I don't have a floor

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                            At least when something is dropped in the workshop whether there is a floor or the room is so full there's no room for floor there is an absolute limit for the travel of the item.

                            My wife calls my searching for something 'a man's look' especially after she finds it straight away; I absolutely refuse to look for anything in her hand bag or coat pockets.

                            Hopefully on topic here is something I posted elsewhere on finding things in inaccessable places:

                            Vessels both large and small all have a spirit which lives in the bilges and contantly demands tribute, usually of the thing which you particularly don't want to offer, ie a small highly important circlip or the one spanner you have of the correct size.

                            The spirit is crafty enough to ensure whichever item falls to the most inaccessable corner where questing fingers cannot find and prying eyes cannot see.

                            A trick often tried is to offer apeasement before starting a job by dropping an inconsequential washer as a token which occasionally keeps the spirit busy until the work is done.

                            Magnets on steel ships can be a bugger as they stick to the side before they drop to the depth; a well aimed magnet can also attract stuff which the spirit is bored with which was lost months before. A magnet on a bendy wire can work but needs careful manipulation. If a magnet would work nicely the dropped item probably is brass or plastic.

                            Grippers of the claw variety are only OK if you can see the item (it may sometimes be under murky water) or behind some structure. If the item is small or smooth be prepared for multiple passes. If reaching in manually any item will always be just at fingertips to push it further away not pull it closer.

                            Sometimes I drop something similar from about the same spot and watch where it goes (a trick learned from Tom Sawyer), which works about 1/8 of the time.